The Ultimate Last Meal | What Would Yours Be?

November 25, 2014

What would be the ultimate last meal you'd eat if you were on the Death Row? 

This was the lunchtime discussion started by the food loving R at the office (he's my kinda human!) who'd just finished a meagre soup and was obviously not satisfied, haha. 

Death row aside (what a horrible thought!) what would be the last meal I'd ever choose to eat?!

Lanzhou Noodle Bar | Sensational Hand Pulled Noodles in Leicester Square

November 21, 2014

This unassuming noodle bar blew my mind. 

Specialising in hand pulled noodles aka la mian, the menu offers different types of soup bases and meat/seafood/veg in your preferred noodle size. Very thin, thin, regular, thick, ribbon and knife cut chunks.

Amazing Fluffy Donuts | Bread Ahead, Borough Market

November 19, 2014

Along with the famous St John's bakery in London Bridge, Bread Ahead makes the most delightful donut I've ever had.

Up until now, I'd obviously not eaten a proper donut. Krispy Kreme is hugely popular in London and around UK, but unless you have a very sweet tooth, they can be sickenly sweet.

Lulu Macarons | Flavour Menu

November 18, 2014

I've posted photos of all the macaron creations I've made since 2011 [2011, 2012, 2013, 2014] and I thought it would be a good idea to round up all the flavours I make in one post.

CHICKENliquor | Brixton Market

November 17, 2014

This is one of the most awesome chicken burgers I've ever had. When there's a choice of a chicken burger or a beef burger, it's usually the latter, but this buffalo burger was just so lip-smacking good I'd order it again in a heartbeat.

Tender and juicy deep fried chicken smothered in red hot buffalo sauce with a blue cheese sauce to neutralise the tang and add another depth of flavour. Now, if you are the type of person to drown your chips in vinegar, this is the burger for you. The sharp vinegar tang is the characteristic of the red hot sauce/buffalo sauce, and what makes this burger so good. 

Nagomi | Japanese in Oxford Street

November 14, 2014

Searching for a cute Japanese restaurant in London that won't break the bank, but is intimate and elegant enough for special occasions? Look no further than Nagomi.

I found Nagomi during the ramen craze that hit London around 2 yrs ago, a few online reviews had suggested the ramen here was authentic and worthwhile. We booked a table for my husband's birthday, gorged on an excessive amount of food and rolled out with happy bellies and £43 (each) less in our wallets.

Not bad at all when you consider the location and the quality of food. It has the cozy ambience of a small traditional Japanese restaurant and all the staff were friendly and efficient.

Treats from Japan | Tokyo Banana and Japanese KitKat

November 05, 2014

[Famous Tokyo Banana cakes]

Japan, the land of snacks. If you've ever been to Japan or visited the Japanese/Asian supermarkets, you will know just how vast Japanese snacks are. 

One of my best friends came back from a trip to Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto in August (late post I know!) and bought me back some real goodies. She also stopped by Hong Kong and picked up a new drink for me, Vita HK Style Milk Tea. 
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