Wallaroo Hand Bag Snacks

November 26, 2018

I rarely leave the house without some sort of snack in my bag, you know... just in case! And that's with or without Isaac in tow. I like to mix it up, healthy snacks as well as pure sugary treats, it's all about balance.

Top Hong Kong Restaurants Round Up 2018

November 13, 2018

We took off to Bali for a week in mid October for a dear friend's wedding and fully expected to return home in time for Halloween, but literally hours before our flight home, I decided on a spontaneous trip to Hong Kong and took Isaac with me! G sadly didn't have any more annual leave to join us but he was happy for us to enjoy a bonus two weeks in Hong Kong to see family and friends.

Before I share a post on the amazing time we had in Bali, I wanted to do food round up of Hong Kong for friends who are there right now. You guys all know that Hong Kong means lots of great food for us and it was no exception on this trip. I've already covered a lot of my favourite eats in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, written about delicious and most importantly baby-friendly restaurants, and a recent desserts roundup.

For those who have the time to venture further out of the main areas of Hong Kong, I fully recommend a trip to Tai Po Market for fantastic local eats that is not only cheap, but also tastes incredible. If you do make a trip to Tai Po, do not miss out on the tofu fa dessert in the main square just outside of the market.

Another area that is a little far out from the main city area is Tuen Mun. We stayed in the Gold Coast Hotel for one night as a mini break and the Singaporean restaurant and Prime Rib restaurant were both outstanding. Definitely worth the journey, and even better if you can make a break out of it.

For some really old fashioned Hong Kong eats, Tai Wing Wah and Lung Wah Hotel are well worth it for a nostalgic dive into authentic Cantonese food. You can find my full list of Hong Kong eats here.

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