The Ultimate Last Meal | What Would Yours Be?

What would be the ultimate last meal you'd eat if you were on the Death Row? 

This was the lunchtime discussion started by the food loving R at the office (he's my kinda human!) who'd just finished a meagre soup and was obviously not satisfied, haha. 

Death row aside (what a horrible thought!) what would be the last meal I'd ever choose to eat?!

Damn. So hard was this question, I must have obsessed for 2 hours before I had an answer, and even then, I couldn't be sure. But I had to come to a conclusion! 

There would be 3 ultimate meals. Not 1, but 3. After all, it'd be my last meal right?! 

1] My parents' braised pork belly with 'mui choi' (preserved mustard greens) and a bucket of rice to go with it. Yes I said bucket because that sauce is a killer.

2] Matsuzaka beef in Osaka. Intensely beefy with crazy marbling of fats and specifically with that dip. 

3] Tebasaki chicken wings. These wings are unbelievable, you have to try them to know just how good they are. When I hosted a chicken wing party back in March, this was the No.1 voted wing out of 10 flavours. 

So fun was this question that I am now totally curious what your last meal would be?! Make my day, and post your comments below. I would love to know! 

I also reckon your answers would give some big clues on your character and personality. Based on my last meal, I can tell you that I am one greedy pig that loves home comforts with adventures abroad thrown in. 


  1. I love this, Lucy! And I've literally been thinking about it for the last twenty minutes or so. The crazy thing is, I'm not much of a foodie (and I can hear people fainting over this) because I only truly love a certain meal if it's the "right time and mood" and I'm craving it. I can't even think of a proper favorite meal (more people fainting.) But off the top of my head; I'd have 1. Som Tam (Thai papaya salad) with sticky rice 2. spinach ravioli with chilli tomato sauce 3. a huge bowl of fruit exotic salad!

    1. Not a foodie?! I think I just fainted =P
      Som tam is addictive, good choice! You're a very healthy eater. Thanks for leaving a wonderful comment :)

  2. Fruit exotic salad = exotic fruit salad, ha :)

  3. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who often thinks about what my last meal (or last day's meal) would be.....mine would be churros and hot chocolate in a little cafe in the Zocalo in Mexico City; spaghetti a la vongole in Torcello, Venice and, to top it off, pear, walnut and orange risotto at a restaurant in Pisa. With a stop-off on the Amalfi Coast for limoncello.

    1. Eating combined with travelling is one of life's biggest and best indulgences! Thanks for sharing yours which sounds absolutely wonderful, and for stopping by! =)


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