Amazing Eats at Gold Coast Hotel, Hong Kong

June 30, 2017

Following on from the previous post of our mini break at Gold Coast Hotel, here's a post dedicated to all the amazing food we managed to work through. At one point, it felt like all we did on this mini holiday was eat non stop!

Mini Break at Gold Coast Hotel Hong Kong

June 26, 2017

Since I was not staying with my parents on our recent holiday to Hong Kong, I was going to take them on a mini break somewhere in Asia so that they had some time to bond with Isaac. But timing wasn't right and we couldn't make it, yet I was still wanting a mini break of some sort. 

Epic Buffalo Wings At The Orange Buffalo, Shoreditch

June 20, 2017

Buffalo wings are one of my all time favourites foods, and I know that I am always forever saying this and that is my favourite, but the sour, spicy and creamy kick of hot sauce coated on crispy fried chicken wings are just irresistible. 

Beat The Lunch Queues with Ordoo

June 11, 2017

We all know how much better our mornings, lunch breaks and drinks 'o'clock would be if we could just grab what we wanted without the world and his wife in the queue, but that would just be dreaming right?

Beef + Rice at Pepper Lunch, Hong Kong

June 01, 2017

Pepper lunch is one of my favourite places to eat at in Hong Kong and it's a ritual that I come here for a meal every time I am back in Hong Kong.
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