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[Famous Tokyo Banana cakes]

Japan, the land of snacks. If you've ever been to Japan or visited the Japanese/Asian supermarkets, you will know just how vast Japanese snacks are. 

One of my best friends came back from a trip to Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto in August (late post I know!) and bought me back some real goodies. She also stopped by Hong Kong and picked up a new drink for me, Vita HK Style Milk Tea. 

[L to R, Clockwise: Vita HK Style Milk Tea | Jagabee Pizza Chipsticks | 
Tokyo Banana Dulce de Leche | KitKat Adzuki Bean Flavour | 
Tokyo Banana Strawberry & White Choc Biscuit | Tokyo Banana Strawberry Cake]

Tokyo Banana cakes are all the rage, the packaging and presentation is just so cute. I first came across these when I went to Japan in May 2013 for our 2 week honeymoon and a friend asked us to bring some back for him.

On first taste, the original flavour Tokyo Banana (top left in photo) sure was very banana-ry! haha. The sponge is so soft and light, and a whipped banana custard like cream fills the centre

The strawberry cake is a Ginza (a district of Tokyo) special, and my oh my!! Same light fluffy sponge, with a separate custard and strawberry filling. These were amazing! 

The Tokyo Banana Dulce de Leche is even more amazing! My favourite Tokyo Banana cake.

Now, Tokyo Banana also does biscuits, and these are even better than the cakes (I am sure many will disagree with me...). The strawberry and white chocolate biscuit is so good. Strawberry flavoured white chocolate disc sandwiched between two crumbly and almost wafer-like vanilla biscuits. There is also a banana version of this (of course!); banana flavoured white choc sandwiched between vanilla biscuits and chocolate biscuits. I'll do another post on these some day.

Adzuki bean KitKat. This was weird. I'm not a fan nor a hater of the Adzuki bean but this was plain weird. Nevertheless, Japanese Edition KitKats are always so worth the anticipation and excitement. 

Jagabee chipsticks are generally great snacks, but this Pizza edition didn't do it for me. It was fun to try though, I think I just prefer the other flavours they have. 

Vita HK Style Milk Tea. There are so many pre-made and instant sachet HK style milk tea one can buy in Hong Kong, and whilst Vita did a good job of trying to capture the taste, it's just not the real deal.    

I love travel food hauls. There will always be winners and the not-so-greats, but nothing is better than discovering it for yourself. Don't you think? 


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