Kung Fu Noodles | Chinatown London

March 06, 2023


These days, it's rare for me to venture into London for food, and even rarer for me to blog about it. But this restaurant making hand pulled noodles is so good that it warranted two visits from me in a week! If that's not high praise enough... I'm hankering for a third visit so that I can try more of their menu.

Chinese Braised Pork and Potatoes

July 26, 2022


For the final recipe in my blog series "Chinese Food on a Budget: Feed a Family of 4 for £30 a week", this Chinese Braised Pork and Potatoes uses up much of the leftover ingredients from the week's shop.

Chinese Char Siu BBQ Pork Rice

July 19, 2022


A classic Hong Kong dish that can so easily be made at home. The home version doesn't have to be fancy like the shop-bought ones, so you can leave out the red food colouring and honey glaze. You'll have a tasty family meal ready in no time with minimal effort. 

Chinese Style Tomato Pork Udon

July 12, 2022


This Chinese style tomato and pork udon is a favourite of mine, it is so easy make and I love the way the tangy tomato sauce clings onto the noodle. I've shared the recipe before with a different addition of vegetables, but for the completeness of this blog series "Chinese Food on a Budget: Feed a Family of 4 for £30 a week" here is the 5th recipe. 

Leftovers Chicken Congee

July 04, 2022


For the fourth recipe in my blog series "Chinese Food on a Budget: Feed a Family of 4 for £30 a week", I am using the final leftover 
bones and meat to make this leftovers chicken congee. 

Stir Fried Chicken Noodles (Spaghetti)

June 14, 2022


For the third recipe in my blog series "Chinese Food on a Budget: Feed a Family of 4 for £30 a week", I made a quick stir fried noodles using the plentiful of leftover chicken meat from the Chinese 5 spice roast chicken

Chinese 5 Spice Roast Chicken

June 07, 2022


Easily one of the simple dinners I have on repeat, this Chinese 5 spice roast chicken is always a hit and can actually be used in a Chinese dinner with rice, or as a roast dinner with potatoes.

Chinese Style Beef + Potatoes

May 26, 2022

The first recipe in my blog series "Chinese Food on a Budget: Feed a Family of 4 for £30 a week" is this Chinese style beef and potatoes.

Chinese Food on a Budget: Feed A Family of 4 for £30 a Week [Part 1]

May 21, 2022


Goodness me, how has the time flown so much and I've not posted in 9 months? I miss my blogging space so much but finding the time to write these days is nearly impossible. But anyway, I'm back with a new series of blog posts that I have been wanting to share for a while.

Marugame Japanese Udon | Liverpool Street

August 15, 2021

When posts on Marugame started floating around on Instagram, I knew it would be a must visit when it opened. On a day out to Shoreditch on my birthday in June, I walked passed the very restaurant and got extremely excited, I couldn't wait for it to be open! 

The Cutest Cloth Nappies In Town

July 15, 2021

Cloth nappies. I had toyed with the idea of them when Isaac became a toddler but the thought of all the washing and extra work really didn't appeal to me as a first time mum, even when the guilt of using disposables ate away at me. 

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