Sweetdreaming | The Perfect Bed

September 25, 2014

When looking for a bed, I love the look of a wooden frame but they are not always the most stable, compared to a divan base which are. And as a bed takes up the majority of the room in a bedroom, I hate the idea of not having storage under the bed. I'm also a big fan of the rustic/shabby look, so I have been hunting for something more unusual. With all the requirements in mind, I turned to google...

Milly Chair by Swoon

September 23, 2014

It's been a while since I've posted. It has been eye-wateringly busy since July, with a million things happening around me and I can't wait for September to be over. The main problem that's keeping me from posting more often is actually the RSI problems I have in both hands and both shoulders suffering from shoulder impingements... I'm working on it though and once I am fully recovered, I'll be blogging like there's no tomorrow. 

The Shady Burger by Byron | Free Preview!

September 03, 2014

[The Shady burger]

Hands up who was lucky enough to get a free 'Shady' Byron Burger last night? 

The Shady burger is Byron's latest specials creation and sold out during its debut at National Burger Day. It made it into the Byron restaurants yesterday as a free preview (in other words, free burger!!) for those who were lucky to nab a ticket online at 12.30pm last Friday. 
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