Amazing Fluffy Donuts | Bread Ahead, Borough Market

Along with the famous St John's bakery in London Bridge, Bread Ahead makes the most delightful donut I've ever had.

Up until now, I'd obviously not eaten a proper donut. Krispy Kreme is hugely popular in London and around UK, but unless you have a very sweet tooth, they can be sickenly sweet.

So what makes this donut so good I hear you say? It's a traditional English style donut rolled in sugar, and has the most pillowy bread-like dough that doesn’t taste like it’s been fried in a ton of oil.

The BEST part of it however, is the amazing filling that tastes like (non-cold) vanilla ice cream whipped until it is a super fluffy-creamy-cloud. Real vanilla pods have been used, and the dots of black are apparent in the cream and lets off a beautiful aroma.

Is there a downside? At £2.50 a pop, it is the most expensive donut I’ve ever bought, but what is £2.50 for a bite of heaven? Worth every single penny.

Bread Ahead was at Borough Market when I visited on a Thursday, but if you miss them, St John’s bakery is just as good.

That cream is just blissful.


  1. Hi Lucy, Before my son left to UK, I did mentioned to him about your wonderful blog. At least he will have some ideals where to eat. Thanks.

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by! Oh yes, I hope my guide is useful for him and he gets to explore and enjoy life in London. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.


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