Bubblewrap VS Hatch | Battle of The Eggettes

February 21, 2018

I love eggettes. 

When eggettes exploded all across London, my belly also exploded with delight. These awesome street food treasures from Hong Kong have finally found fame on the this side of the pond and as far as I could tell, everyone on social media were raving about them. And rightly so.

‘Ah Por Tofu-Fa' Tofu Pudding | Hong Kong

February 13, 2018

It’s hard to find a decent tofu-fa that is silky smooth, melts on your tongue with a rich soya taste. This is how my mum used to make it and I really do miss it. Too often, I've had tofu-fa that is either rough in texture, or the soya bean taste is too weak, like it’s been watered down, or they’ve used gelatine instead of coagulant and it tastes more like a jelly than a soft pudding.

Chinese Tomato Pork Mince with Veg

February 06, 2018

This Chinese tomato pork mince with veg on udon was cooked by G. Not me, but G.

G rarely cooks and on the occasions that he does, it's usually because I'm away from home and he has to fend for himself. It's not like he can't cook though because he's made decent meals before, like an impressive cheat's katsu curry (using ready made breadcrumbed turkey and Japanese curry blocks) and a less impressive pasta with pesto, tuna and broccoli.

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