Tokyo Day 3 - Tsukiji Fish Market and Daiwa Sushi

May 31, 2015

Our hotel is a 3 minute walk to the Shinjuku JR station. Shinjuku JR station has the JR train lines as well as a few subway lines running through it. 

However, right next door to our hotel there is also another subway station named Shinjuku station. This confused the hell out of us, since we thought the subway station was a part of the JR station, and we could walk to the entrance of the JR station via the subway. Then we realised "Oh, it's a subway station, not a mainline JR station". 

Delicious Pizza At The Very Instagrammable Pizza Express Covent Garden

May 29, 2015

Pizza Express on Bow Street Covent Garden has undergone a transformation! The beautiful decors were unveiled on 12th May and much to my delight, I couldn't help but notice how instagrammable the new interiors were.

Copper lights, marbled tables, industrial pendant drop lights, geometric prints, beams and pillars, and even the font used in the menu. Every bloggers dream setting!

April Degustabox Review of International Delights

May 28, 2015

Don't you just love getting parcels through the post and especially if they contain food? Oh yes, and that's what I received a few weeks ago.

Degustabox* is basically a little box full of foodie surprises. For £12.99 a month that includes delivery, you get a medium sized box that include between 9 to 14 items. Some of the products are not readily available in supermarkets, and a Degustabox works out cheaper than what you would pay for them in the shops anyway.

Tokyo Day 2 - Shibuyu By Night and Sushi

May 26, 2015

It's about 6pm, and we're refreshed after a sit down and a quick shower. We're staying at the Sunroute Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku and pretty happy about the location. It was great to recharge ourselves after all the walking we'd done

3 min walk over to Shinjuku JR station, and we hop onto the train to Shibuyu for dinner and some browsing. Out comes our SUICA card, already charged from the airport. It makes public transport travelling a whole load easier. 

Tokyo Day 2 - Shinjuku, Yoyogi, Harajuku

May 24, 2015

After a good rest on our first night, we're ready for day 2; our first full day in Tokyo. 

I did a lot of reading the night before and decided to follow in the footsteps of my favourite travel & food blogger B-Kyu, known as Street Food at the time. These guys are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Tokyo Day 1 - Shinjuku

May 20, 2015

After a 14 hour flight with a pleasant stopover in Dubai, we arrive in Narita airport. We're tired, but we are so excited! It's 5pm local time, and we can't wait to hit the streets of Tokyo for dinner.

Chia Seed Almond Coffee Muffins | Contributor Post on QTM

May 18, 2015

Coming down with the flu over the bank holiday knocked me out cold for a week, hence the lack of posts. It's taken another week just to get back into the swing of things, but I'm feeling more like myself and finally I am able to eat properly! Not being able to eat and keep food down, and with zero appetite for 6 days really did feel like torture. 

But as soon as I got better, I made these delicious almond coffee muffins with chia seeds. I am a fan of flavoured lattes and when I had some left over almond coffee buttercream from a batch of macarons, I decided to use it up in some morning muffins. 

Honeymoon in Japan | Travel Photobook

May 06, 2015

May is one of my favourite months in the year. It was the month my husband and I started dating (it was our 8th year anniversary yesterday!) and the month we went on our belated honeymoon for just over 2 weeks in Japan. 

That trip wasn't just a honeymoon, it was an adventure in an incredible country and we experienced some the the best days of our lives on that trip. This was back in May 2013, and 2 years on, those memories of Japan have been so deeply embedded, that I still remember everything so vividly as if it were only yesterday.

Konnyaku and Beef in Japanese Homestyle Stew

May 01, 2015

Konnyaku has been used in Japan for over 1500 years, and in recent years, loved for its low carb and low fat content. It has an interesting texture; chewy and bitey with the ability to soak up flavours from stews and sauces. If you missed it, read up on my previous post on konnyaku's benefit. 
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