Hi! I’m Lucy and my blog name says it all.

Welcome to Lucy Loves to Eat, foremost a food blog. My blog was created for foodies on the lookout for authentic and sometimes unusual Chinese/Asian recipes, those looking to find delightful restaurants in London, drool-inducing travel eats and fun foodie happenings. I’m pretty serious when it comes to good food.

I love to share my home décor posts too after G and I bought our first family home in the summer of 2014. Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing home? There’s a dash of lifestyle for good measure too.

I write extensively on my beloved second home Hong Kong, you’ll find to-do guides and restaurants categorised by area. In 2013, we had the time of our lives in Japan during a 2 week honeymoon to Tokyo > Kyoto > Osaka > Okinawa.

Answers to Lu, Lulu, Lulubelle and Lucy. Apart from food, I adore my little niece and nephew, love anything industrial/warehousy, and utterly addicted to watching Hong Kong TVB dramas. If I could be anywhere right now I’d be on a beach in Asia and swimming to my heart’s content. I’m useless at keeping plants alive, but I can replicate a dish I’ve eaten at a restaurant to 90% likeness, no problem. I like to go on holiday with a fully packed itinerary; I want to hit the ground running when I step off that plane. My guiltiest pleasures are crisps and cakes. Let’s not go there about how much I can eat in one sitting.

Born in Hong Kong, and raised in London before I was 1yro, I’m fluent in both English and Cantonese as well as a bit of Mandarin on the side. My dad taught me to cook when I was 9, and my favourite place to be was in the kitchen, watching him cook all my favourite foods. Back then, I thought my dad was the only awesome chef in the whole world, no-one ever came close to his cooking. On summer holidays in Hong Kong, he would take me and my siblings to eat at the local street food markets; fishballs on sticks, egg tarts fresh out of the oven and freshly made mango juice. Dad is definitely the biggest influence on my love of food.
I’ve worked the typical 9-5 for the past decade but I knew my calling was in food, so I started this blog in Spring 2014. I also run my bake-to-order business Lulu Macarons when my hands aren’t so full, and occasionally I help out at School of Wok.

- Winning a DSLR for this post on a beginners guide to using a DSLR
- Having my recipe published in a book!
- Getting a shout out on Sorted Food’s video
- Starting my own YouTube channel

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you’ll be back for more.

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  1. Awesome pic there :) Love your story :)

    1. Thanks Zen! It's always pics of me eating! haha
      Story is due an update soon :)


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