Isaac's 1st Christmas

December 28, 2016

Living Room Update

December 23, 2016

After being in Hong Kong for a month with Isaac, it feels so good to be home and be surrounded by home comforts. It's taken over a week to get back into our normal routine and the past few days have been spent unpacking boxes and getting the house ready for Christmas.

My 1st Long Haul Flight With A Baby

December 08, 2016

Yup, I did it and not only was it long haul, I did alone. And I survived.

I was dreading the 12 hour flight, yet I was secretly excited by the anticipation of flying alone with my 4 month old baby. Would he be a good baby on the flight? Will the flight attendants be helpful? What do I do when I need the toilet?! Plenty of those thoughts raced through my mind in the weeks and days leading up to the flight. 

Turns out, Isaac was pretty well behaved on the flight. However, whilst I was blessed with a good baby for the flight, my own lack of organisation, too much hand luggage, having a rubbish seat and not very friendly passengers/flight attendants made it a stressful experience right from the moment I arrived at the airport. 

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