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I've posted photos of all the macaron creations I've made since 2011 [2011, 2012, 2013, 2014] and I thought it would be a good idea to round up all the flavours I make in one post.

Making unusual flavours that can't be easily bought in the shops is what's driven me to keep experimenting with new flavour combinations. Most of them work well, and some didn't work so well. 

Here's a list of the keepers:

1. Black sesame & coconut. This is my signature flavour and the most requested one for orders and by friends & family alike. The toasty seed is unique in flavour and paired with coconut, it 's a popular Asian combo.

2. HK style tea & cornflakes. If you like HK style milk tea, this is one for you. The cornflakes make this perfect for breakfast! 

3. Popcorn, peanut butter & nutella. Snickers bar with popcorn on the side. This one is addictive.

4. Nutella and pistachio. Who can resist nutella and with added pistachio, this nutty combo is classy and modern.

5. Lychee. Asian fruit with delicate perfumes.

6. Salted dulce de leche. Salty smooth caramel milk, perfect balance between salty and sweet.

7. Jasmine milk tea. Elegant jasmine tea makes this a delicate macaron. 

8. Almond latte. One for coffee lovers, and for non coffee lovers, I bet you'd love this too since the almond really comes through. 

9. Spiced gingerbread. Spicy aromas of Christmas by an open fire and real fir tree.

10. After Eight. Real After Eight pieces, and very Christmassy!

11. Bakewell tart. Classic combination between almond and raspberry jam.   

12. Salted cashew nut & coconut. This is a personal favourite creation in 2014. The taste is subtle, with waves of the aromatic cashew coming through the more you chew. The saltiness also balances out the sugar and is great for those who prefer less sugary treats.

13. Passionfruit & white chocolate. Tart passionfruit rounded off with sweet white chocolate.

14. Greentea & white chocolate. Bitter matcha rounded off with sweet white chocolate.

15. Strawberry & white chocolate. The flavour of summer!

16. Honey & lemon. This combo is a favourite in HK and does not depict being down with a cold! Sweet honey with tangy lemon.

17. Red velvet. Hints of cocoa with a cream cheese frosting. This is the flavour I always request for on my birthday and because the red is so romantic!

18. Longan & coconut. In the same family as lychees, longan with sea coconut is a luxury dessert in HK.

19. Pandan & coconut. The famous pandan leaf paired with coconut is naturally a brilliant flavour combination from Malaysian.

20. Lime & coconut. Refreshing flavours that remind me of summer.

21. Pineapple & coconut. Like a pina colada? Have a virgin version on me!

22. Lemoncurd & coconut. You're seeing a theme here with the coconut, but coconut works well with so many flavours and gives the macaron another flavour and texture dimension.      

23. Black forest gateaux. Dark chocolate and cherries.

24. Oreo. I'm not a fan of oreos but somehow, inside of a macaron, the flavour intensifies and they become very addictive!

25. Malteaser milkshake. Malty, chocolately goodness!

26. Horlicks. Another malty one but without the choc. Will this macaron aid you to a restful night's sleep?

27. Blackberry & lemon. Tangy fruits in a sweet macaron.

28. Lemon meringue. Dessert in a macaron? Lemon cream with crunchy bits.

29. Pumpkin, cinnamon & cream cheese. Ultimate halloween delight.

30. Taro & black sesame. Earthy sweet taro paired with black sesame, another Asian classic.

PS: If you're interested in orders for 2015, please leave a comment below. I only cater for the London area and not yet able to do postal orders.

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