Hong Kong Delightful Desserts Round-Up

Hey guys, long time no post! Sorry for the radio silence on here, I'm on my annual holiday in Hong Kong and more than halfway through it now and just haven't found the time to blog. I'm sharing all holiday updates on my Instagram, so follow me there for all the latest mouthwatering eats.

Isaac is loving Hong Kong so much more as an active toddler this time round. It's his 3rd time back and instead of being fed up of all the noise and stimulation like the last 2 times, he's been putting on his shoes and climbing into his pram every morning after breakfast without fail. He's also enjoying all the food and snacks he's been getting! 

Since there are always too many food pics to share all in one post, here's a round up of all the desserts we've been having so far.

You guys know I have a weakness for ice cream right? I am in ice cream heaven right now. 

This cremia ice cream is insane. Sooooo good that I went back for it a second time within a week. It tastes sort of like sweet condensed milk, an intense milky goodness as expected from use of Hokkaido milk and the textures of the ripples somehow add to the magic. Oh and that sweet vanilla melt-in-your-mouth biscuit cone is magic too.

I always get so excited by Hong Kong McDonald ice creams! This strawberry one is super pretty and only cost $10, about 90p! It tasted like standard supermarket strawberry flavour but who cares. Just look at it. 

Purple sweet potato flavour. Thank you McD's!!! $5 (40p) for the soft serve on a standard cone. $10 for the Oreo black chocolate cone.

This was damn right expensive at $39 (£3.60) a tiny tub, but I'm glad it was worth it! I loveeeeee Hojicha flavour and this was banging good. Hojicha fiends... this is a must. Get it from your local 7-Eleven.

You guys know I love Muji cafe. The matcha latte here is always perfectly made and this newly-discovered toasted pineapple brioche with custard in the middle is fricken amazing. 

Did someone say eggettes? Did someone say salted egg yolk? Did someone say SALTED EGG YOLK EGGETTES? Holy moly! Mammy pancakes currently does the best eggettes in Hong Kong for cheap local prices, and with so many branches in Hong Kong, they aren't hard to find.  

I never get bored of bute jai goh, steamed bowl puddings. These ones from Tai Po market are still one of the best around.

Bought this from a random stall in Olympic mall, these are all very old school nostalgic-inducing Hong Kong sweets and bakes. Clockwise from top left: Mai tung black sesame rice cracker squares, wun pin goh meaning slices of cloud cake dotted with black seasame, mini gong so beng made simply with flour, sugar, egg and water, and lastly, mini piggie biscuits made with sweetened pork baked in pastry (the savoury and sweet combo is a killer!).

I love that I can just walk in a buy a Japanese cheesecake without having to bake one myself. Uncle Tetsu is all over Hong Kong. If you haven't tried Japanese cheesecake, you need this in your life. 

Beautiful pastries from Dalloyau, an authentic French cafe/restaurant with a few branches in Hong Kong. The strawberry cake is just so pretty and neat, and the raspberry frambroise was so good in flavour and the layers. Read my full OpenRice review here.

You can read the rest of my Hong Kong eats here.

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