Top Hong Kong Restaurants Round Up 2018

We took off to Bali for a week in mid October for a dear friend's wedding and fully expected to return home in time for Halloween, but literally hours before our flight home, I decided on a spontaneous trip to Hong Kong and took Isaac with me! G sadly didn't have any more annual leave to join us but he was happy for us to enjoy a bonus two weeks in Hong Kong to see family and friends.

Before I share a post on the amazing time we had in Bali, I wanted to do food round up of Hong Kong for friends who are there right now. You guys all know that Hong Kong means lots of great food for us and it was no exception on this trip. I've already covered a lot of my favourite eats in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, written about delicious and most importantly baby-friendly restaurants, and a recent desserts roundup.

For those who have the time to venture further out of the main areas of Hong Kong, I fully recommend a trip to Tai Po Market for fantastic local eats that is not only cheap, but also tastes incredible. If you do make a trip to Tai Po, do not miss out on the tofu fa dessert in the main square just outside of the market.

Another area that is a little far out from the main city area is Tuen Mun. We stayed in the Gold Coast Hotel for one night as a mini break and the Singaporean restaurant and Prime Rib restaurant were both outstanding. Definitely worth the journey, and even better if you can make a break out of it.

For some really old fashioned Hong Kong eats, Tai Wing Wah and Lung Wah Hotel are well worth it for a nostalgic dive into authentic Cantonese food. You can find my full list of Hong Kong eats here.

1) Lei Garden 
Lei Garden is great for dinner having been a couple of times already, but this was the first time I went for dim sum. The dim sum was fantastic, flavours were delicate yet packed a punch and everything was perfectly executed. You can really taste the superior ingredients used here. Every Lei Garden offer different dim sum items, so do look at their menus before deciding which one to go to.

My highlights include the scrumptious snow baked custard bun, steamed char siu bao (roast pork bun), silky smooth cheung fun rice rolls and the juiciest siu mai dumplings ever from the IFC, Central branch which also happens to hold 1 Michelin star.
Highchair available. 

2) BEP Vietnamese Kitchen
I can't get enough of Vietnamese food these days and beef pho is my go to as Isaac loves it too and we usually share. The beef pho at BEP is an absolute dream! Beefy with clean flavours and lots of depth of flavour as I worked through the broth. The slices of beef are soft and melty too. We went for lunch where you can choose a starter, mains and a drink for under $100 (£10). I went with the cuttlefish balls which tasted fresh and home made with bitey bits of cuttlefish throughout.
Highchair available. 

3) An Nam
Another great Vietnamese restaurant if you're near the Kowloon Tong area is An Nam inside Festival Walk shopping centre. Lunch is around $120 (£12) for a starter platter of steamed rice roll, chicken topped prawn cracker and papaya salad trio, a main and a set drink. The beef pho soup base was a very, very fine one.
Highchair available. 

4) Tonkichi
I've long been been a fan of Tonkichi's incredibly crispy and non-oily fried pork cutlets over a mountainous pile of uber-fine shredded cabbage, with a selection of addictive dipping sauces to boot. A typical set comes with rice, pickles and miso clam soup, and there's other choices like fried oysters and steak, not just pork. The cabbage and rice comes with unlimited refills!
Booster seat available. 

5) The Pantry
The Pantry has an Asian and Western fusion menu, and it's a rare one that all the food is done extremely well. The fried chicken waffles are epic, crunchy, fluffy and crispy all in one. The signature dish here has got to be their ricotta souffle pancake which is exactly like eating a cloud, so good! We tried the mango and coconut (my fav!) and the matcha with red bean too. Tom yum gong risotto, prawn aglio olio and all their pressed juices/smoothies are fantastic too. Expect lots and lots of good food here. 
Highchair available. 

6) CoCo Ichibanya Curry House
Langham Food Court in Mong Kok has a great selection of cheap eats and I love CoCo Ichibanya Curry House there. From the usual suspects of katsu chicken curry, they also have more interesting items like omelette curry rice, crispy croquettes and sausage curry. Branches all over Hong Kong.
Highchair available in the foodcourt. 

7) Tasty Congee
Aside from the congee being lovely and creamy, their superfine soya sauce fried noodles are my absolute favourite. You'll find a dim sum menu here as well as Cantonese dinner dishes too. The food here is good quality with lots of branches all over Hong Kong. It's not called Tasty Congee without reason!
Highchair available. 

8) Kakurega Ramen Factory 
This is my absolute favourite ramen restaurant the the whole of Hong Kong! They only have 3 broths to choose from and the 'red' tomato base is my favourite. I reckon this is the only broth you should choose if you make it here since tomato broth ramens are quite rare. The 'white' pork bone broth and 'black' garlic broth are both easier to find around Hong Kong. The ramen is bouncy and thick, exactly how I like it. It's also served separately from the broth so that it remains firm until you decide to dunk it in. The cheese sprinkle fixins sounds weird but goes so well with the tomato broth. There, my secret's out for the best ramen in town, Kakurega Ramen Factory you guys!

It's a little hard to find in the maze of the Dragon Centre mall, and it's a tiny restaurant with upturn cola crates as chairs making it non baby-friendly, but if you can get to it, it really is ramen gold.
Not baby friendly but you could try and go in a baby carrier...!

Happy eating in Hong Kong, the place where you can't really go to wrong when it comes to food!

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