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May is one of my favourite months in the year. It was the month my husband and I started dating (it was our 8th year anniversary yesterday!) and the month we went on our belated honeymoon for just over 2 weeks in Japan. 

That trip wasn't just a honeymoon, it was an adventure in an incredible country and we experienced some the the best days of our lives on that trip. This was back in May 2013, and 2 years on, those memories of Japan have been so deeply embedded, that I still remember everything so vividly as if it were only yesterday.

It probably made more of an impact on me than it did on G. He had already been to Japan before and loved Japanese culture through Anime and Manga from his childhood, whereas I had never really taken much interested. I was obsessed with everything from Hong Kong!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I cook a lot of Japanese food. The food we ate throughout Japan was so phenomenal that it changed my perspective and expanded my knowledge on food by tons! Since visiting Japan, cooking Japanese became a staple in our home, and we would always sway towards the Japanese restaurants if we were picking somewhere to dine out.

I've not blogged about Japan before, and whilst the intention was there from the very beginning of my blog, the truth was I didn't know how to start. I wanted to do it justice and to share every little detail about this amazing place.

Researching for our honeymoon took me weeks and weeks of reading, making notes, googling etc, so that we could experience Japan to the max. I want to share this with you all, so throughout May, my Japan Series will commence as I promised here

We flew to Tokyo, took a day trip to Hakone, sat on the fastest bullet train to Kyoto, explored Osaka, enjoyed the finest beaches of Miyako-Okinawa also known as the Hawaii of Japan, and returned to London from Osaka. Highlights from our trip before I go into plenty of detail in upcoming posts. 



Okinawa - Miyako

Ending the trip of a lifetime...


  1. Amazing photos and I remember all the food you brought back!!!

    1. Thanks Mandy! Yes my food haul lasted us for months!!!!

  2. Oh all that food! I would be exactly the same!

    1. Haha, you can't visit Japan and not bring back goodies, that would be criminal!

  3. Awesome post, I wish I got as many snacks as you, when I went to Tokyo.
    I'm enjoying all your post and pictures.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Brittany! I tend to always come back from my travels with lots of food, but the Japan haul was a pretty insane one! Thanks for reading and you lovely comment :)

  4. AN AMazing experience of honeymoon in japan, Thanks for sharing this experience with us, i want also visit japan once in my life. Good guide keeps sharing.


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