Chia Seed Almond Coffee Muffins | Contributor Post on QTM

Coming down with the flu over the bank holiday knocked me out cold for a week, hence the lack of posts. It's taken another week just to get back into the swing of things, but I'm feeling more like myself and finally I am able to eat properly! Not being able to eat and keep food down, and with zero appetite for 6 days really did feel like torture. 

But as soon as I got better, I made these delicious almond coffee muffins with chia seeds. I am a fan of flavoured lattes and when I had some left over almond coffee buttercream from a batch of macarons, I decided to use it up in some morning muffins. 

The result was a deliciously sweet coffee muffin. The cream in the middle added moisture to the muffin and made it feel like a naughty cupcake for breakfast. Please head over to Quick Tasty Meals for the recipe, where I am a contributor.

I will be posting 2 recipes/articles on Quick Tasty Meals twice a month and will give regular updates here on my blog as they go up. 

Thanks for reading! 

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