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Confinement meal services in London (and the rest of UK) are almost non-existent, yet it’s a service that is highly sought after and much needed for new mums who want to do the month-long confinement to restore their body’s health after the trauma of giving birth.

And never did I think I would be the one to offer that service, but here I am after being given the opportunities to do that this year! I am very grateful to be able to help those who have wanted this service, from making a large pot of trotters in ginger and vinegar only, to making 3 weeks worth of daily meals plus soups, and more trotters in ginger and vinegar. 

Please message me on Instagram if you want more information, and do share away with friends and family who may want to use this service. Unfortunately I can only offer local deliveries from SE London, or you can also pick up from me directly.

Pork trotters in ginger and vinegar.

Chicken with ginger wine.

A Background on Confinement

Confinement foods for post birth follow TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) principles in only consuming foods that are considered neutral or warming to the body. Cooling foods are not allowed in order to bring warmth back to the postnatal body which becomes ‘cold’ and therefore weak after birth.

Each week, the meals change according to the body’s needs. Meals in the first 2 weeks focus on low salt, low oil, and lots of chicken/pork/fish is consumed. From week 3 onwards, once the body is stronger, the focus is on replenishing all the lost collagen from making a baby and expelling the last of the coldness or ‘wind’ from the body.

Meal Plans

Depending on your budget, I offer a range of meal plans to suit. Here is an idea of what I can offer:

Meal Plan 1: A large pot of vinegar ginger trotters only

Meal Plan 2: A large pot of vinegar ginger trotters + a large pot of chicken in ginger wine  

Meal Plan 3: Daily meals for 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks etc

Meal Plan 4: 5 meals of steamed pork/chicken/fish 

Meal Plan 5: Weekly pot of soup 

The Full Weekly Meal Service

For those interested in a full service meal plan (Meal Plan 3), here are the meals you can expect to be on offer:

Week 1


-Steamed pork patty with goji berries

-Steamed seabass with ginger + spring onion

-Steamed cornfed chicken with ginger + spring onion

-Lightly stir fried pork tenderloin with peppers, mushroom + onion

-Lightly stir fried pork tenderloin with baby corn + mangetout

-Vegetable sides: steamed broccoli/cauliflower/kai lan

-Soup: cornfed chicken, snow fungas, sweet corn and carrots

Week 2

-Steamed pork patty with goji berries

-Lightly stir fried pork tenderloin with baby corn, mangetout + carrots

-Lightly stir fried pork tenderloin with peppers, leeks + onion

-Steamed cornfed chicken with ginger + spring onion

-Pan fried seabass with tomatoes and leek, and udon

-Vegetable sides: steamed broccoli/cauliflower/carrots and sweetcorn

-Soup: pork rib, lotus root, peanut and sweet corn

Week 3 + 4

-Rice wine ginger chicken

-Ginger and vinegar trotters

-Pan fried seabass with tomatoes and leek

-Steamed cornfed chicken with shiitake mushroom, red dates, goji berry and ginger

-Stir fried shiitake mushroom, baby corn, mangetout, onions + carrots

-Spinach, mushroom and goji berry

-Vegetable sides: steamed broccoli/cauliflower/carrots/kai lan/butternut squash

-Soup: pork rib, lotus root, peanut, sweet corn and carrots

-Red date and goji berry tea

-Ginger peel baths

For full weekly meals, please expect to be able to freeze over half of this food. Rice is not included, as it is recommended that new mums eat hot freshly steamed rice with these meals. 

For confinement food recipes to make yourself at home, I've got lots to share on my blog already. Perfect for those with relatives that can help cook it! 


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