Epic Buffalo Wings At The Orange Buffalo, Shoreditch

Buffalo wings are one of my all time favourites foods, and I know that I am always forever saying this and that is my favourite, but the sour, spicy and creamy kick of hot sauce coated on crispy fried chicken wings are just irresistible. 

I've long heard about THE place to go to for buffalo wings and finally I got the chance to give The Orange Buffalo a try. It was a bitter cold winter evening (yes, this post has been sitting in my drafts for moooonths) so sitting outdoors and crunching down on wings was not ideal, but those wings made every blow of the freezing cold wind worth it. 

The set up.

The wings come in different spice levels and we go half half with Original and Woof Woof. We dare not try the Viper, it sounds deadly and I didn't fancy having my head blown off. Nope, I did not. 

The wing were epic. So moreish and as good as buffalo wings can get. The wings are fried until cooked and crispy and then tossed in the butter an hot sauce coating. Sour, spicy, salty and so damn delicious. The blue cheese dip helps when your tongue is on fire and for someone who does not like blue cheese at all, I found it very enjoyable along with the cool crunch of celery. 

Curly fries are a real treat and they went down well with the wings.


The Orange Buffalo
Truman Brewery Car Park
E1 6QL


  1. I love the wings from Orange Buffalo - they're delicious!

    1. Yes, they are so good!! I will def be back for more haha


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