Mini Break at Gold Coast Hotel Hong Kong

Since I was not staying with my parents on our recent holiday to Hong Kong, I was going to take them on a mini break somewhere in Asia so that they had some time to bond with Isaac. But timing wasn't right and we couldn't make it, yet I was still wanting a mini break of some sort. 

Plan B of a staycation in Hong Kong ensued and I immediately thought of Gold Coast Hotel, since I'd stayed there with my husband back in 2009 and loved how chilled out it was. It turned out to be a fantastic decision, especially with a baby.

There are not many hotels in Hong Kong that can be considered as a holiday resort but Gold Coast Hotel is one of the few exceptions. Located in Tuen Mun, the hotel is built facing the sea and is right by the beach. There are 5 restaurants within the hotel and the piazza is just 5-10 minutes walk away, with more restaurants and shops.  

For a 2 day break, this sounded perfect. With Isaac in tow, I wanted to be able to stay in the hotel, dine in and just enjoy the hotel amenities with my parents.

The foyer is striking and filled with stunning silk flower displays.  

I had emailed the hotel to let them know about our upcoming stay and my intention of sharing it on my blog and from the moment we arrived at the hotel, we were treated like VIPs! It sure made our stay thoroughly enjoyable.

On arrival to the reception, we were greeted warmly and able to check in early. We arrived at 12pm, and check in is not usually until 3pm. I booked a balcony room for my parents to enjoy and just a standard room for myself and Isaac, but the hotel upgraded both our rooms so that we could be on the same floor, since standard rooms and rooms with a balcony are not located on the same level. We were also offered a late check out of 1pm the next day instead of 12pm. Excellent!

One of the lovely managers showed us to our rooms and made sure we had everything we needed, and then for my room, another manager came by to ensure I had all the baby essentials needed for a comfortable stay. It was incredibly thoughtful of them as it hadn't occurred to me to ask for things such as a baby bath tub.

My parent's large balcony room was very spacious and they enjoyed having a nice sofa area to relax in. The bathroom was equipped with a walk in shower as well as a large bath tub. This room cost less than £100 a night, booked through Absolute bargain!

My standard room was £70 a night and I wouldn't have had a balcony had I not been upgraded.

Love the view from our room! It was so beautiful to look out from our balcony, instant relaxation achieved.

A super large and comfy bed for me and a cot prepared for Isaac. He wouldn't sleep in it though so it was just as well I had a huge bed. The armchair was perfect for relaxing in and for feeding Isaac snacks and an early breakfast.

All the considerate things the hotel prepared for us.

The hotel has undergone a complete renovation and having a look through old photos from when I stayed back in 2009, it has been a huge improvement and success. Our room was so comfortable to be in and I loved every minute of our stay at Gold Coast Hotel.

3 of the lifts on one side have glass windows so you get a great view of the hotel. As you go up past the levels, you also get a fantastic views the sea too since the lift is positioned on the external building wall.

The weather had been horrible in Hong Kong for a couple of weeks but on a stroke of luck, we arrived at Gold Coast Hotel on a beautifully hot and sunny day, so we took the chance to have a stroll on the beach. It was so relaxing to be able to just walk out from the hotel and onto the beach in less than 5 minutes.

My mum had a great time taking Isaac into the sea and dipping his toes in. He was scared of the waves and cold water, and kept hitching up his feet! He loved the sand though so was much happier being on land. Oh, and the sunglasses were grandma's sense of humour hehehe.

My parents got to spend lots of quality time with Isaac and it filled my heart with so much joy and love to see them bonding together.

We never ended up walking over to the piazza and just spent our time in the hotel. The hotel also has a wonderful pool which sadly we didn't get to use, and it apparently also has a huge children's play room, themed bedroom suites with matching afternoon tea as well.

We are definitely coming back again in the future and next time, Isaac will be old enough to use all the kids amenities on offer. For a lovely 2 day break, it wasn't expensive at all and we had such a fantastic time. A huge thanks to Gold Coast Hotel for their hospitality, we were so well looked after.

And oh the food!  We dined at 3 out of 5 of the hotel's restaurants during our stay and the food was outstanding. I'll be sharing all our delicious eats in the next post so don't miss it!


  1. I can't believe how amazing this place looks! I'm so glad you and your parents had a great time and Isaac too! Looks like the hotel definitely looked after you guys and the views are so beautiful :) xx

    1. It looks amazing doesn't it?! You have to stay here if you're ever in HK :) Yes, we all had a super time, thanks! xx


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