Isaac's 1st Christmas

This year was Isaac's 1st Christmas and we'd been so looking forward to it. As our family of 3 grow, we can't wait to create more special memories.

We started Christmas morning with all the classic Christmas songs, opened some presents and got Christmas dinner going. G's family came round and we had a fun day eating, drinking, chatting, playing Sushi-Go and watching Harry Potter.

We didn't spoil Isaac with presents, in fact, we didn't buy him anything since he already has everything he needs and I'm not sure I ever want to indulge him with a mountain of presents each year. But saying that, he didn't go without, thanks to our generous family and friends. Admittedly, it was really cute to watch him open a present and fling the wrapping paper around.

Christmas is now officially over and I hope you guys all had a great one!

Lucy x


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