The Shady Burger by Byron | Free Preview!

[The Shady burger]

Hands up who was lucky enough to get a free 'Shady' Byron Burger last night? 

The Shady burger is Byron's latest specials creation and sold out during its debut at National Burger Day. It made it into the Byron restaurants yesterday as a free preview (in other words, free burger!!) for those who were lucky to nab a ticket online at 12.30pm last Friday. 

The Shady is made up of a beef patty, the most amazing crispy cheesy bits, pickle relish, American cheese, onion and ketchup. The crispy cheese bits were sensational! They reminded me of the crispy cheese bits you get on top of a lasagna or a cheese toasty. Now, if only Byron would sprinkle some of that crispy cheese onto their fries...

As tasty as the burger was, all 8 of us last night agreed that it tasted exactly like a better, glorified version of a McDonald's cheeseburger. That's good in my books by the way, but maybe not so for non McDonald fans.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Shady burger, can't wait for Byron's next preview! 

P.S. Photo quality wasn't great as they were taken on my iPhone in dim lighting   

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