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When looking for a bed, I love the look of a wooden frame but they are not always the most stable, compared to a divan base which are. And as a bed takes up the majority of the room in a bedroom, I hate the idea of not having storage under the bed. I'm also a big fan of the rustic/shabby look, so I have been hunting for something more unusual. With all the requirements in mind, I turned to google...

Loaf came up in my searches and I am in LOVE with their beds! They are the most gorgeous beds I've seen with reasonable prices for their designs. I found the same bed at John Lewis and other websites for double that price! But £800 for a bed frame still isn't the most affordable and I searched some more and found Time4Sleep. Same rustic/vintage styles as Loaf but around half the price! 

Here are some of my favourites; I have yet to decide a splashout with Loaf, or save with Time4Sleep. I would love to hear your favourites from the below!  

This is my current first choice and also happens to be on sale, £745. 

I love the clean rustic look of this but at £795, I can go for the cheaper option at Time4Sleep.

This one is £795.

I love the look of this one but for the lack of under bed storage and the most expensive at £895, I'm apprehensive about this one.

So similiar to the Loaf bed but not as elegant in colour? £499 is a good price to sacrafice elegance though.

Similar to the Loaf bed but I do prefer the detail on Loaf's version of this bed. Again, at £449, it is almost half the price.

Cheapest out of the bunch at £349, but for the lack of under bed storage, this is swaying to a no.

Now for decision time, is it Splashout or Save?

Note: Images taken from Loaf and Time4Sleep

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