How have I not blogged for the whole month of July?! It feels like I've been on one long holiday since April this year; from going to Hong Kong for over a month ourselves, to having 2 sets of family staying with us (from Hong Kong) back to back. It has been crazy fun but August is finally the month to get back into the swing of life. Routine is good y'all.

I have got so much to write about Hong Kong since my trip in April, so you guys will be seeing plenty of blog posts coming up for it. The first instalment is my top 5 dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, 2 of which were discovered on this trip!

Dim sum is hardly avoidable when you find yourself in Hong Kong; it is the Far East's version of Sunday Roast and just about everyone loves to dim sum. I am no different and would happily go dim sum every weekend if I lived in Hong Kong. For those who visit Hong Kong with limited time and on the hunt for spectacular dim sum, look no further than this list. I guarantee you will be thanking me later.

1) Mott 32
I have eaten many delicious dim sum in my lifetime but Mott 32 was on a level close to God (!!).

Not only is the dim sum just so exquisitely made, every single dish was faultless and every bite brought SO MUCH happiness. Mott 32 is up there on one of the best dining experiences of my life. I will dedicate a whole blog post to this gastronomical place soon but for now, must orders include siu mai dumplings, snow top char siu buns, vegetarian dumplings, crispy beancurd cheung fun rice rolls, char siu roast bbq pork, 3 course peking duck and beef ho fun noodles.

Address: Standard Chartered Bank Building, 4-4A Des Voeux Road, Central

2) Ming Court
This is G's family's favourite dim sum restaurant so we have been lucky to sample all the delicious dim sum on offer every time we go to Hong Kong. Like Mott 32, it's a 2 star Michelin restaurant and worth their rating. All the dim sum is delicately flavoured and beautifully executed. It's comparable to Mott 32 but kinder to your wallet.

Snow baked custard buns, XO sauce cheung fun rice rolls, siu mai dumplings, har gow prawn dumplings and black sesame mochi for dessert are all top orders.

Address: Level 6, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok

3) Lei Garden
Having been for both dim sum and dinner at a few of the Lei Garden branches, it's safe to say the food is solid all round. Excellent quality dim sum cooked to a very high standard with great flavours. You can really taste the superior ingredients used here. It's much more of a 'local' sort of restaurant compared to the above 2 which have a distinct luxury restaurant vibe to it, and best of all, the bill won't be nearly as eye watering as Mott 32 and Ming Court.

The menu is more extensive too, and we've realised every Lei Garden offer different kinds of dim sum. My highlights include the scrumptious snow baked custard buns, steamed char siu BBQ pork buns, silky cheung fun rice rolls and my all time favourite chicken feet in black bean sauce. My preference is the IFC branch which also happens to be 1 Michelin starred.

Address: One IFC, 1 Harbour View Street, Central (branches in Mong Kok, Kowloon etc)

4) Yum Cha
Much loved and doesn't need much more intro if you're a regular reader of my blog! I absolutely love dining at Yum Cha, and just how much fun is it to go when you have a young child (and also my own inner child). There are no Michelin stars here, but the quality of the food speaks volumes for itself.

Not only do you get gush-worthy adorable character dim sum items, from flavour to quality it ticks all the boxes. Get all the different buns (they can box up leftovers which make great snacks and breakfast), beef ho fun rice noodles, shrimp skin fried rice, XO sauce fried turnip cake, steamed cheung fun rice rolls and siu mai dumplings.

Address: 3/F, 20-22 Granvill Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (branches in Mong Kok, Central etc)

5) Lin Heung Tea House
This is probably Hong Kong's most loved dim sum restaurant which will fully transport you back to old time Hong Kong. Everything from the decor to all the dim sum masters and servers, nostalgia hits every sense going as soon as you step in. Dim sum is still wheeled out in dim sum carts, a tradition that has almost completely died out everywhere else.

But the best secret of all? Thanks to the old masters who still labour away in the sauna like kitchens the dim sum has a really distinctive taste to it that instantly takes me back to my childhood days. The first time that hit me, I felt so emotional. How is it that such a little morsel could just snap its fingers and transport me back into time just like that?! It's a true story.

They also serve many old classic dim sum dishes which have also died out elsewhere such as the steamed cotton chicken, goose feet wrapped in beancurd sheets, and the famous 'dai bao' aka big bun. My dad recalls being over joyed as a young boy to get a dai bao whenever he had the rare chance to eat dim sum in 1940s Hong Kong, because that one bun filled with chicken, pork, mushrooms and other treasures were all that you needed to fill you up. I hope you all enjoyed that little story from my dad as much as I do.

Go with empty stomachs and order anything and everything. It will be hard to get a table, and you may have to battle many other diners to get your hands on the dim sum, since often, the carts are ambushed before barely making it out of the kitchen. 

Address: 162 Wellington Street, Sheung Wan

Are these your Top 5 Dim Sum Restaurants in Hong Kong?

If you need more insider tips on Hong Kong eats, take a look at all my Hong Kong posts. Happy reading and drooling!

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