Garden Summer Prep with Vonhaus

We have not had a good start to Summer this year in UK; May and June has mostly been cold and wet, so it has completely delayed our plans to get the garden ready for Summer.

Last year was the first year in our newly decorated garden and we had the best time! Isaac spent lots of time playing on the tuff tray with water activities as well as running in and out of the garden studio, whilst I sat and chilled by our garden dining table under the parasol.

To get the garden ready for hanging out in, all the furniture cover comes off and gets a good spray clean, then our super white tiled area also need a deep clean from a Winter of neglect. The lawn needs to be mowed and the fences at the very far end of the garden is always desperate for a trim from the wild weeds.

Instead of tackling the tiles with a hose pipe and broom this year, I'm giving the Vonhaus pressure washer* a go instead which promises to blast all the dirt away within seconds! I've got the 1600w model which looks nifty and comes with an adjustable nozzle for a gentler or more forceful spray.

The presser washer was easy enough to put together but then I had real problems trying to attach the water hose to it, as the water pressure just made the hose fly off. I eventually got it to stay in place but then completely forgot to plug in the electrics and was baffled for ages wondering why the nozzle spray had zero power as I released the trigger..... ha! Double doh.

After much faffing and getting the pressure washer to work as it should, it was a real blast (no pun intended)! The pressure took the dirt off in seconds and worked a lot faster than my old method of broom and hose for sure. But as our tiles are super white and in quite a huge area, the tightest nozzle setting was no good as it only cleaned in 'squiggles' as you can see from the pic. So, I loosen up the nozzle setting and spray from much more of a distance for a general clean and it worked far better.

I still had to go over the tiles with a broom and use good old elbow grease, as the dirt accumulated over the Winter was just far too stubborn and the 1600w just didn't feel strong enough for such a large area. After using the pressure washer, the broom and then one final pressure washer spray, the tiles finally looked cleaned and finished (they'll never look super clean though, due to how white they are!)

I also used the pressure washer on the garden furniture and that did the job perfectly! Overall, I'm happy with this pressure washer for a general clean of our garden, but for much more targeted dirt I'll have to try it with detergent using the detachable detergent bottle that comes with it. For much larger gardens, I'd say try a more powerful model, there's a 2200w model available too. Pressure washers are expensive though, so this 1600w which retails at £54.99 is actually pretty affordable and the smaller size also means it's easy to store.

I've used many Vonhaus products in the past and it's a brand I really like and recommend. Their prices are always affordable and the product designs are sleek and modernistic.

Isaac and my parents enjoying our newly cleaned and prepped garden! For a full garden tour, take a look at Garden Before and After.

*This item was gifted to me but all opinions are my own and unbiased

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