Hong Kong Travel Food Haul

I'm a great believer of bringing back souvenirs from my travels and love to travel with a near empty suitcase whenever possible. Food souvenirs are the best kind of souvenirs for obvious reasons, and no trip abroad is complete without bringing some home with me. 

We've been going to Hong Kong annually for a while now and love to share pics of my travel food hauls. A lovely follower reached out to ask me if I could put together a list of must bring back snacks from Hong Kong and where I go to buy them all. I am of course more than happy to oblige! 

Muji in Asia sells a huge range of snacks and this is a must stop for me to pick up snacks as well as cooking ingredients. Must buys include the instant okra soup packets, the mini chilli ramen (which we break off and eat like crisps!), pepperonchino Japanese pasta sauce in a packet and matcha chocolate coated strawberries. The list goes on so I highly recommend taking a good browse and just buy whatever you fancy, as most of the Muji food is really tasty.

Wellcome/Park N Shop (and any local supermarket)
Local supermarkets are THE single most important shop to visit whenever I'm travelling and this is no difference when I'm in Hong Kong. I just find the ones closest to where I live to do a big haul and then buy other bits when I'm out and about. Yep, I go browsing in local supermarkets just for fun haha. 

Beef waffles crisps, mango/pineapple sweets, prawn flavoured crackers, Knorr instant soup macaroni, Knorr soya sauce, XO sauce, dragon's beard candy and even Garden white bread! I brought back a small pack of the white bread in my hand luggage so I could savour a Hong Kong style spam and egg sandwich. No white bread in UK can replace this unique Hong Kong branded one. 

7Eleven/Circle K
These convenience shops often have less choice than the supermarkets but will have deals on snacks and they like to push out cute and exclusive gifts with snack buying. 

759 Store
759 Store is an absolutely iconic snack shop which has popped up in recent years with lots of cheaper snacks than anywhere else, including the supermarket! Many are direct imports from Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc. This place is usually Pocky biscuit sticks galore with lots of different flavours, so I definitely grab some of those (flavours will change throughout the year/years). If you're a matcha fan, make sure you get this matcha granola too. They do a good range of Japanese soya sauces too and the crisps selection is spectacular.

Kee Wah Bakery
Kee Wah is not an obvious one but I can't get enough of the egg rolls, which are like a sweet rolled wafer biscuits. They have different flavours like black sesame, seaweed, coffee, butter and pork floss. These are delicate and I bring them back in my hand luggage. So worth it! I also like the mini wedding cakes that are filled with lotus seed in a flaky pastry.

Living Plaza
The best value shop all around because everything cost just $12 and is the equivalent to our Poundland. Living Plaza imports directly from Japan's Daiso and the quality of everything is so good despite the tiny price tag. Salty lemon sweets are highly addictive and I will always buy Japanese soya sauces and furikake rice seasoning from here too. Bring a big bag with you because I can guarantee you'll want to buy the whole shop.

Are you ready to bring your own travel haul back from Hong Kong?!


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