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Hong Kong is an annual trip for our little family, and in April we flew out for just a little over a month and included a trip to amazing Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Japan. More about Japan coming soon but first, I had some insanely good eats in Hong Kong and of course that means I have to share it with you guys.

One of my most memorable meals in Hong Kong this time round, has to be the absolutely phenomenal Pakistani curry in the depths of Jordan on Kowloon side. Yes, you heard right, a Pakistani curry in Hong Kong, of all places. It was so crazily good, that I couldn't stop thinking about it for days afterwards and long after I got my ass back in UK. The very funny thing was, on the day of G and I's curry date without Isaac, I really hadn't fancied curry and instead, had a hankering for McDonald's nuggets and chips. Yeah.

But, G was set on going. It was a curry house that his aunt had taken him to when he was a teen, then later in his twenties and he'd always remembered it to be super tasty. It was what nostalgic Hong Kong meant for him and he'd not had the chance to go on any of our Hong Kong trips especially since having Isaac.

As we stepped out of Jordan MTR station, we were instantly greeted by true local life in Hong Kong and we savoured it. We rarely hit this part of Kowloon these days since it's not the most child friendly.

Ah Lung Curry House has been opened since the 1980's by 'Ah Lung' who is Chinese but learned to cook curry and halal food from the Pakistani Police in the 70's and then put his own spin on it. The curry house is decked out in true retro orange, cream and brown colours, and the boss lady is very friendly. Much like the aunt you've never known!

The menu offers curries in 3 different spice levels as well as a much welcomed non-spicy tomato based option such as tomato beef/tomato fish (perfect excuse for coming back with a child who can't handle heat). Chicken curry medium spice, beef brisket mild with rice and roti is ordered and our delights come out in less than 10 minutes. They looked sloppy as hell, which we took to be a sure sign of something mighty and incredible!

Somehow, the beef brisket is blow-your-brains spicy and the chicken curry is mild. They probably got the order mixed up but no matter, as the spicy beef brisket ended up be the star of the show and won over the chicken curry hands down. Wow.

Melting onions and a vivid orange layer of chilli oil surrounded the tender yet toothsome beef brisket, and the depths of flavours that came in waves as we chomped were unbelievable. The heat level was hard to bear but somehow it was impossible to stop eating.

The boss lady could tell we were not regulars and as I ordered some more rice and a plate of cucumber to help cool us down, whilst gasping as the spice numbed my tongue, she said "this sort of spice is the best kind, the addictive kind!" She was literally not wrong. I have never ever been so knocked by a curry this god damn good before. Absolutely sensational.

G was in a happy curry haze, the taste of his youth was beyond better than memory, and I was so glad I didn't end up with that McDonalds, haha.

There's a fake Ah Lung Curry right next door so make sure you head to the authentic one if you ever pay it a visit. This is the real one, no.93A with a white plague. 

The fake one is at no.95B and has a yellow sign. Notice how the first character is written differently. 

If you're a curry lover, Ah Lung curry is a must add to your list for Hong Kong. Medium spice beef brisket curry, with rice and cucumber is a fail-proof order. 

Temple Street market is perfect for a post curry stroll.

Ah Lung Curry
93A Woosung Street
Hong Kong


  1. Please share your trip to Ishigaki soon! We are planning a Japan trip later this year doing Tokyo - Kyoto and wasn’t sure if Okinawa was worth a stop as I’ve had mixed opinions about it from friends. Would love to read your experience.

    1. Oh, I have just seen this comment Wing! Okinawa is beautiful, I've been to 2 different islands Miyako and Ishigaki, and both are fantastic! I've avoided the most popular island Naha as it is the most touristy, but I've heard it's still great. Serach Miyako on my blog, I already have posts up for it. I will blog about Ishigaki soon! x


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