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Japanese food is one of my favourite cuisines of all times and I'm lucky to live near enough to Central London to get my fix whenever the cravings call. Quite a few years ago, when G and I used to rent a cute little flat in Blackheath and his sister was down the road in Lewisham, we would often all head to Westcombe Park at the weekend to eat at the only Japanese restaurant in the area. 

I'd long forgotten about this restaurant as we moved away from Blackheath, so when I received an invite* to check out Sensuru, an old memory surfaced and I kicked myself for forgetting since I now just live a 20 minute drive away. 

We arrived early at 5.30pm for dinner and so the restaurant was unsurprisingly quiet. It later filled up and by the time we left, a third of the restaurant was filled with locals. 

The menu is very extensive, offering a large variety of sushi, sashimi and all sorts of rolls. The cooked food section was excellent too, from tempura to katsu curry to bento boxes. 

We were offered a couple of their signature salmon sashimi dishes and a side of pickles to start as we drooled over what to order. I grabbed a soya milk for Isaac which was fab, and my friend also followed suit. I got the taro bubble tea for myself, but unfortunately it was too sweet for my liking.   

The salmon starters were excellent, very fresh and fragrant of salmon fish oils. The 'blooming love' of salmon sashimi filled with mayo and tobiko was just as delicious.

Edamame beans and miso soup staved off the hunger until our order arrived. 

Caterpillar roll filled with soft shell crab, avocado, crabsticks cucumber and tobiko was excellent and nicely presented. 

The assorted tempura set is a generous serve and perfectly fried. Look at the size of the prawns!

Pork katsu curry is another huge serve. The pork is juicy inside, crunchy and non-oily on the outside, another excellent dish. 

Grilled salmon belly was by far my favourite dish, the beautifully charred outsides gave way to super succulent flesh full of fragrant fish oils. The lovely lemony dip on the side cut through the fats and lifted the dish to new heights. Incredible. 

We felt so satisfied and happy with all the delicious foods, that Sensuru is now firmly back on my radar. I am definitely coming back again, especially now that I realise I'm pretty close to it! They offer a Sunday buffet for £21.99 per adult and £12.99 per child which is a great deal, and there's also discounts for students too from the a la carte menu. Home delivery is also available in the evenings if you don't fancy dining indoors.   

The ambience is pleasant, restaurant is clean and well maintained and the staff were helpful and welcoming. High backed seating areas on the side is great for intimate dining. 

Thank you Sensuru for a fantastic meal!

*I was a guest of Sensuru and invited to dine. All opinions are my own, honest and unbiased 

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