BALI DAY 6 - Bye Bye Bali

It's our final day in Bali and we make the most of it by spending it on the beach. 6 days felt just about right for a beach holiday and we've enjoyed every moment of it.

When you really, really, reallllly love watermelon and you have to have the last drop of juice! Haha

It's an absolutely scorching day, and the sand is even too hot to walk on. 

We grab a final Go-Jek lunch delivered to us on the beach and the roast porky bits with gravy is just magical. The gravy is phenomenal - the real soul of this food packet. Served along with a side of rice, there's crispy pork skin deep fried until airy, liver bits, chunky pork belly, other unidentified porky bits and a dollop of super spicy sambal.

Right at this moment, I had a crazy phone conversation with my sister in law and decide that instead of flying home back to UK, she's arranging for us to come to Hong Kong from Bali so we can all see each other!!! G can't go to Hong Kong because of work commitments, so he will still be going back to UK, whereas Isaac and I have just extended our holiday. YAY!

We are already checked in and ready packed to go back to UK, so I literally sprang up from the sunbed, ran back to our hotel room to unpack then repack our luggages. Our flight to Hong Kong is not until tomorrow so we need to sort out another night's accommodation in Bali. Luckily, one of our friends who is in the same hotel as is able to share his room for the night, so we are sorted.

Cute doggy towel greeting us as we move all our luggage to our friend's room. We drop G off at the airport and as Isaac and I have scored a bonus night in Bali, we head back out onto Jimbaran bay for a seafood dinner with the rest of the gang who aren't leaving just yet.

After a previous bad experience with seafood on the beach, I was not confident this second time would be any better. But luckily, the seafood that came out was delicious. Instead of going for the cheaper meal packages on offer, we went for one of the more expensive ones and that's where the trick seem to lay. And it wasn't even expensive either, working out at roughly £20 per person. 

As we dined, a moving band came to sing a signature Chinese beach song which really added to the fun against a backdrop of gently crashing ocean waves. 
One more bonus morning splash at the pool and we're ready for our next leg; 2 weeks in Hong Kong! 

Bye bye Bali, you've been wonderful and we hope to come back again one day. See you in 5 hours Hong Kong!

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