Trunki Ride-On Suitcase for Little Travellers

I'd heard about these cute Trunki* ride-on suitcases for toddlers long before I had my own little one, and always thought they were such a clever idea so when I was offered one to review, I couldn't wait to test it out. We even picked one in a custom colour of our very own choice!

Our custom colour Trunki arrived just before we left for our annual month long trip to Hong Kong, so it really was the perfect time to test out its userbility and practicality with a 2.5 year old. Our trip outbound to Hong Kong was going to be just Isaac and myself flying, and on the inbound trip, G would be with us too meaning an extra pair of hands. I had heard plenty of pros and cons about the Trunki from lots of parents, so I was keen to find out if it worked for us.

Colours + Designs
After having lots of fun working through the different colour combos on the Trunki Customiser, I settled on my favourite yellow for Isaac - no complains from him either as he loves the colour as much as I do. If you're happy to let your child go wild with their imagination and colour combos, this is lots and lots of fun for them before they've even received their case. You can custom the colour of every single part of the case, from the handles to even hub caps on the wheels. It comes in many cool pre-made designs too, from the awesome Gruffalo design to Flossy the Flamingo. This was a sell out point for me.

The case itself is very lightweight, very spacious, yet pretty compact. There is absolutely no need to carry any unnecessary weight and bulk when travelling with a toddler, so this was perfect. It easily fit in an iPad, books, magazines, colouring pencils, stickers, toys, bibs, water bottle, snacks for the flight, nappies and wet wipes, spare clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, body cream, and still with a little room left.

Ride On Feature
I love things that have a double use, so being able to carry plenty inside whilst being a super fun ride-on was such a good thing. It meant I could check the pram in at luggage drop off and not worry about him being too tired and end up carrying him all the way to the plane door. He's at the age where he doesn't love sitting in a pram but very much needs it still for longer distances, and airports are huge for little legs. The longer strap could be used for me to pull Isaac along as he sat on it or hooked up to act as a shoulder strap.

Airport + Flight Userbility
The fact that it is so cute and cool made it a highly desirable airport accessory. When it wasn't being used as a ride on, it easily fit on top of my own hand held pulley case, so I could pull the both together at the same time.

The double clasp opening makes it easy to open and close the case, and fitted neatly on my lap when seated on the plane. Essential for easy grabbing of items in limited space. When it wasn't being used, I stuck the Trunki under the seat in front of me and it ended up being a great little foot rest for me for the entire flight! The Trunki also acts as good transportation from gate to immigration, since not all airlines give you back your pram at the plane door of your destination.

Yay or Nay?
I had many loves for the Trunki, but one thing for sure is that no matter how you see it, it is an extra piece of luggage to carry. We ended up half running for our gate on our flight to Hong Kong, so trying to run with Isaac sitting on the Trunki, and then alternating to carrying him and loading the Trunki onto my hand held case made for me into one sweaty mess before I'd even sat down for our 13hour flight.

In this instance, I would have much preferred running with Isaac whilst he is sat in the pram. On the journey back to UK and G was with us, the Trunki was not at all cumbersome, so it concluded for me that it only worked if there were another pair of hands to help.

When the Trunki is being used as a ride-on, it gets pretty heavy and arm-aching to pull along. It also doesn't drive very straight due to the non 360 degree wheels, meaning it was so easy to flip over and end on its side. Now that we are not travelling with it, it's an extra toy for him to play with at home. I personally think the Trunki is much more suited to slightly older children. I can imagine Isaac taking more responsibility of it once he's 3 years and older, so we are likely to continue bringing it on our travels with us!

Oh, and in case you didn't guess, my favourite colour is yellow!

What do you guys think about the Trunki ride-on suitcase for little travellers?

*Trunki was gifted to me, all opinions and review are my my own and unbiased


  1. You guys love yellow hehe! I'm not sure about toddler suitcases, I still think I need more room when travelling with a little one but it does look fun to carry :)

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    1. Haha, yellow mad indeed! Its fun as they get older and don't want to be in a pram all the time. Our big cases are from Muji! xx

  2. P.s what make are your adult suitcases?! x


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