Bali Day 5 - A Balinese Beach Wedding

Today is the big day! The wedding doesn't start until late afternoon, so we have time to get breakfast, chill on the beach and squeeze in an afternoon nap.

The usual hot buffet selection, an omelette and these tasty Indonesian passion fruit for breakfast.

It's a scorching day on the beach, so it's a good thing the ceremony doesn't start until it cools down a bit. We see the wedding ceremony being set up on the beach from late morning, and I am so excited for our first ever beach wedding!

Mcdonald's carnage on the beach, obviously living our best lives! This mango pie is fantastic, oh why oh why do they not have this flavour in UK or even in Hong Kong?!

We discover the Go-Jek app from a great tip off but we haven't fully embraced it yet until now. Order food on the app from local warungs and fast food chains like McDonalds, and someone delivers it to you where ever you are. And yes that includes direct to the beach, so we don't have to pay rip off prices from the hotel. You can also book cheap cabs, much like Uber and do loads of other handy things too. Why didn't we try it out sooner!

Enroute back to the hotel for a quick nap after lunch. Mummy will always carry you little one.

What an absolutely amazing wedding it was. The joys I felt to see one of my oldest friends await his bride and exchange heart-felt vows for life, to the pure pride of seeing my little Isaac walk down the aisle too and grabbing the flower girls' hand.

I had no idea just how wonderful the wedding theme blue was against a backdrop of sand and sea, nothing was too formal yet it encapsulated the very essence of love, joy and celebration. The groom's speech of family and friendship tugged at my very heartstrings and it was one of the most deeply touching weddings I've been to.

We were treated to spectacular views of the sunset, an incredible buffet spread, lighting up wishing lanterns, a traditional Balinese fire dance and so much fun on the dance floor. My only wish is to keep reliving this day.

Thank you Mr + Mrs Tang for celebrating your love with us in the most fantastic way!

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