Bubblewrap VS Hatch | Battle of The Eggettes

I love eggettes. 

When eggettes exploded all across London, my belly also exploded with delight. These awesome street food treasures from Hong Kong have finally found fame on the this side of the pond and as far as I could tell, everyone on social media were raving about them. And rightly so.

Eggettes can be found all over the streets of Hong Kong, and if you ever walk past a vendor, the sweet smell of eggy goodness and vanilla is hard to resist. Eggettes are like pancakes and waffles as you know them, but cooked in a 'bubble' mould to produce its unique round and circular appearance. It is aired after it comes out of the bubble pan so that exterior becomes nice and crispy whilst the innards remain fluffy and hot.

As it has made its transition to the other side of the world, it's no longer just the plain or flavoured eggettes as I know them from Hong Kong. Instead, they have been wrapped around like a cone and filled with glorious ice creams and topped with goodies like mochi and chocolate!   

[Eggettes from Hong Kong]

Bubblewrap was one of the first eggette shops that caused a huge storm, and opening right in the middle of Chinatown was bound to be a good sign. After finally getting my hands on one after queuing for nearly 45 minutes, I was delighted to take a bite and discover how incredible there were.

They are the absolute king of all eggettes! The eggettes are perfectly crispy on the outside, super light and fluffy on the inside with a delicious aroma of vanilla and subtle sweetness. I have never tasted such lightness in an eggette batter before, and that required some serious skills.

The matcha ice cream was delicious and of good quality, the strawberries are refreshing and goes really well with matcha, and the mochi cubes added another textural dimension to the whole dessert.

This really is a masterpiece and I dare say that it taste even better than eggettes on the streets of Hong Kong. At almost £7, it's a big price to pay for eggettes but worth every single delicious penny.

I went back again last week, and couldn't bear to go for a different flavour. This time, I got complimentary strawberry sprinkles too.

Located in Soho, Hatch had some serious competition. There were no queues at all when I visited, and the menu was a lot simpler than Bubblewrap. I much prefer Hatch's cool branding over Bubblewrap, but it's not really the exterior that really counts when judging a dessert is it?

I couldn't deviate from my usual matcha choice and this time, I go for the matcha flavoured eggettes topped with matcha ice cream, red bean and mochi. It looks so good!

But alas, thats where all the goodness ends. The eggette is dry and quite stodgy in comparison to Bubblewrap, and the matcha flavour masks the good eggy aroma from the batter. The matcha in the ice cream is not good, tasting of the cheap stuff and I found this offensive when there are genuinely so many good matcha ice creams on offer in London.

It wasn't a downright bad eggette, I'd just had much better. The prices are slightly cheaper than Bubblewrap and not needing to queue is always a bonus. I don't think I'll be wiping Hatch off my books just yet and I want to go back to try their other flavours in the hope that they will fare much better than the matcha combo.

Who wins the battle?
Bubblewrap is a clear winner between the two, and if it's your first time sampling these glorious eggettes, you know where to go!

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  1. This battle is amazing! haha. I walked past Bubblewrap the other day and was soooooo tempted to get one but I was already so full from lunch :( x

    1. Thanks Tiffany, I hope you get to try it soon, it's so good!! x


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