Farewell 2016

2016 was a phenomenal and hugely significant year for G and I.

Without a doubt, the best thing that happened was welcoming our son into the world on 4th July. Becoming parents for the very first time is the most incredible feeling in the world! We couldn't stop staring in wonder at him and being completely in awe that we had created this perfect little human being.

Continuing on from 2015 which was a fantastic year for me personally, the beginning of 2016 was filled with happiness as we announced my pregnancy to family and friends.

I was so thankful to my manager at work for letting me work from home for half of the week as I got heavier and heavier. It's a freedom I've never had in previous jobs and I actually feel a little sad that I won't be returning, with the decision to become a full time stay at home mum.

My blog has grown so much over the past year and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I had my first bit of commissioned work to take some photos for Mr Crumb's. Last year, I didn't even know how to use the manual setting on my compact camera let alone work on a mini photoshoot. Blogging highlights this year include one of my recipes being featured in cookbook, working with Ikea on their sustainability project, appearing on lovely Claire's blog, creating my own Voicemap trail and winning a trip to MUMBAI, although sadly I couldn't go.

It's been hard trying to keep up with blogging with a baby throwing sleep and routine out of the window, but slowly and surely I'm working on finishing those Japan honeymoon blog posts and I managed a couple of YouTube videos too.

I had a mind-blowing meal at Restaurant Story with a voucher I'd won, and deliciously memorable meals at Flesh and Buns and The Drift Bar.

The year ended with a month long holiday in Hong Kong with Isaac and I'll never forget that dreadful first flight with a baby!

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by to read Lucy Loves To Eat, it give me so much pride.
Here's to 2017, wishing you guys a very Happy New Year.

Lucy xx

Excitement and anticipation.

The most relaxing work space ever.

My baby shower where I did as much baking as I could manage.

Baking highlights.

My darling niece on her birthday. Sadly this year I couldn't make her cake like I usually do as I was still in hospital after giving birth.

40 weeks and no signs at all. He didn't end up making an appearance til 42 weeks after being induced.
The beautiful blooms G bought me after Isaac was born.

My sweet, sweet baby! 

Some great eats.

Highly addictive game.

The moment I'd been so looking forward to. Isaac meeting his grandparents for the first time in Hong Kong at 4 months old.

Farewell 2016, you've been so good to us.


  1. Aww what a lovely round up Lucy! Must come round and visit you soon!!


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