Furnishing A Small Space

If you are tight on floor space, finding stylish and good quality furniture that will fit in is not always easy.

When we first moved into our house, I was initially going to use my parents leather sofa whilst we hunted for one that we liked, only to find out that the sofa would not fit itself into our tight hallway and through the living room door. We had to send the sofas back and knew from then onwards that any furniture we were buying for the house had to fit through tight spaces.

Despite the fact that most home owners are most likely to be in the same situation as us, and certainly for all of our neighbours, most furniture manufacturers have not really caught up with this. They still have a tendency to make full size, or overly large pieces, which are better suited to the large contemporary show homes that are featured in glossy interior design magazines.

Oddly, one of the best places to find furniture that fits is Emblem Furniture. Their furniture is scaled to fit into the average family home, although they do provide larger scale items for big properties and hotels. They also specialise in providing furniture on a lease basis for show homes, rental properties and for homeowners who want to stage their property to sell. They also offer a full interior design service for those who require it.

Another great way to furnish a small space is to make sure that each item doubles up as storage space. This is something that I have incorporated as much as possible in my home, such as the storage bench in the photo above. It can be used as a reading area, dining bench for our dining table when we have guests overs as well as to store bits and bobs in the baskets underneath. There are some great examples of living room furniture with built in storage available on this page.

In the bedrooms, it is sensible to make sure that the space under the bed is available for storage. I use large under bed boxes from Ikea for storing bedding and my handbags.

I'll share another post on my double-use furniture pieces around the house soon, so watch out for it. The extra storage space makes a huge difference on keeping a space clutter free.  

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