Bedroom Decor - Before & After

When we viewed our house on open day, the master bedroom was already decorated in neutral colours and we could easily see what updates we were going to do to it. I wanted our bedroom to be clutter-free, tidy and cosy. It's not quite finished yet since I still haven't got round to buying some prints to liven things up and I'm still searching for the right bed side lamp.

We have 3 alcove areas in the bedroom, and my mini home office is tucked away in one of them. We had a wardrobe built into the largest of the alcoves to fully utilise the ceiling to floor space and keep all our clothes hidden away.  


The previous owners bedroom looked like this. I knew I wouldn't be going for a metal bed frame as it didn't depict cosiness to me but the clean lines were welcome.  


I like white a lot since it acts as a great canvas, but I do need to add some colour to the walls with prints. 

All our joyous moments are displayed on the beautiful and original fireplace, from our wedding day to our honeymoon snaps to the moment I found out I was pregnant.

The wardrobe is not entirely finished and will be re-done at some point. It's not very aesthetically pleasing but does a great job in terms of the space we have inside. Take a peak into my wardrobe.

My home office.

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  1. You've created a very cozy space in your bedroom Lucy, love how you have a fireplace in there as well with all your favourite memories! Our bedroom is really small and we have a few mirrors to create a sense of space! xx

    1. Thanks Hanh!! It's still working progress. The mirrors are a great idea and also creates more light :) xx


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