My Hong Kong Summer

Last year in July, I spent an amazing and deeply relaxing summer in Hong Kong. Thinking back to last summer fills me with wonderful memories and I'll always treasure it.

I love going back to Hong Kong during the summer months since I quite enjoy the scorching heat and humidity, but G can't stand it so it has been years since I've had a summer break in Hong Kong. We usually pick cooler months like April or December to go back but as he was sent on a work trip to Hong Kong last July, there was no way I could miss out on a trip back to my second home.

I also happened to be on a 7 month career break so I could take the liberty to stay a little longer than usual. This time, my trip was completely different to my usual packed schedule I have for Hong Kong. For the 3 weeks I was there, I didn't fall into the routine of non-stop shopping and arranging back to back lunch/dinner meet ups with friends and relatives. It's a routine I enjoy but leaves me thoroughly exhausted on my homeward bound journey. 

Instead, I spent some days just hanging out at home at my sister in laws or at my parents, and spending quality time with my niece whilst perusing their clubhouse swimming pool and gym almost daily.

My niece's 4th birthday in July meant I got to make her birthday cake like I normally do every year and all my cake baking gear came in my suitcase with me. She's usually in UK for summer holidays but this year, we spent it in Hong Kong instead.
Who can resist that cute little face and cheeky smile!

Hanging out with my family and brother's fiancee. Shame my little sis is missing from this pic. Sis and I live in UK, whilst my parents and brothers are in Hong Kong so for all of us to be in the same place at the same time is rare these days. 

I also decided that I needed to explore more of Hong Kong's natural beauty and took the time to hike around the outlaying islands I'd never been to before and do some wandering alone in the city that I love so much.

Po Toi Island. It's a quiet island famed for it's natural rock formations. The last photo is called 5 finger rock, and you can see exactly why that is!

Stanley. It's been years since I last visited and much of it has been redeveloped.

Sai Kung. Being a tourist in my own home town, where I spent many a summer holidays and where my parents still live. I never knew of the back streets and discovered so much this time round. 

TST harbour. There's something nostalgic about coming here late at night alone. Something I used to do often but has become a rarity in recent years. It's a great place to just enjoy the the view and experience a peaceful side of cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

Weekend evening performers in Mong Kok. I got to listen to some great golden oldie tunes whilst working through some late night munching. 

G was only around for 10 days, so I was solo for a good half of the trip. I honestly quite enjoy my own company and I savored every moment of it. Dining alone meant there were no preferences to cater for except my own and I ate to my hearts content.

Somehow, even with all the delicious food I was eating I managed to lose 1/2 stone. It wasn't totally a surprise though since I made a conscious effort to watch my portion sizes and I knew all the extra activity I was doing coupled with the intense summer heat meant I was bound to shift a few pounds. The weight loss continued once I to back to UK totaling 1 stone and a quarter (!!) and I felt so much fitter and healthier for it.

So that was my wonderful summer in Hong Kong.

This summer, I'll be looking forward to something entirely different. I'll soon be meeting my baby boy who is due today, on the 20th June! 

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