An Evening With Rennie + SORTEDFood

You know when you go to an absolutely awesome event and can't stop grinning like a loon afterwards and you're on a euphoric high? 

Yup that was me right after an evening with Rennie Happy Eating and the SORTEDFood guys.

The evening kick started in a beautiful loft/warehouse conversion and we were treated to some delicious canapes and drinks. Along with Hanh, I bumped into some old faces (hello Claire and Erin!) and had fun meeting Tim.

Rennie has been around for more than 30 years, providing you with fast relief from indigestion, trapped wind and heartburn. If you ever feel bloated and uncomfortable after a meal, it could be caused by eating too fast or foods high in fats.

But you don't have to compromise on your favourite naughty foods in fear of discomfort if you have Rennie to hand; we all need a treat sometimes, or if you're me, that's all the time!

So to prove just that, Rennie have teamed up with SORTEDFood to cook some delicious and naughty treats for us.

I'd seen a couple of YouTube videos of the SORTEDFood guys back in 2013 when I was searching for a cronut recipe at the height of the cronut fame, and they were one of the firsts to share the recipe. But that was it, I didn't follow anymore videos and suddenly this past month, their faces have been popping as adverts all over London Underground!

Unbeknown to me, they have managed to grow their YT audience to an impressive 1.3 million subscribers in the past few years. Wow.

Audience aside, the SORTEDFood guys really are a super fun and friendly bunch. Ben is the founder and chef of SORTEDFood and delighted us with a cooking demo of buttermilk fried chicken in a sweet as sour glaze served with pandan coconut pancakes! For desserts, Ben showed us how to make cheats way churros with a coffee chocolate dip too.

The pandan pancake with fried chicken tasted incredible! I'd never thought to put pandan in my pancakes, but I will definitely be recreating this at home in the future. As for the churros, I think I am the only person in this world who isn't a fan but it works great as a dessert to serve at dinner parties.

Rennie's mystery box challenge is up next and 10 lucky bloggers have their names picked out of a box. If you're picked, you get to choose a mystery ingredient hidden in the cabinets, and the ingredients are likely not to be things you can pick up easily in your everyday supermarket. The 10 bloggers are then challenged to come up with a recipe and judged via sorted SORTEDFood's site on 15th November, and the winning entry will get to dine with a guest at Tom Seller's Michelin star restaurant, Restaurant Story worth £250!

Hanh and I were so happy and so lucky to be picked! Hanh's mystery ingredient is the Asian white radish, or mooli/daikon depending which country you're from, and mine were tiny kumquats. I have no idea what to do with mine at this point, so I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on!

Some of the other mystery ingredients included dragon fruit, yuzu, Scottish turnip, a funny looking gourd and some of which I can't even pronounce.

Thank you to Rennie and SORTEDFood for such an awesome evening, we even got some great goodies to take home including a book on Street Food.

*I attended this event as a guest of Rennie's.


  1. Haha, I do love a Rennies now and again (probably as I eat too much!) they can be lifesavers.
    The event looks like it was really fun, the food sounded amazing. But the big question is, what you gonna cook?!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. I've never had a Rennie's before, now I know what to do when I overeat (which is more often than not! haha). Yes, it was a super fun evening! Looking forward to sharing my recipe this week!! x

  2. I so cannot wait to see what you make!

    1. Thanks Claire, I'll be sharing my recipe this week!!! If you want a peek, I posted a pic on twitter! =D x


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