Super Salad of Edamame, Quinoa, Wakame + Wasabi Drizzle

Edamame and quinoa has become my favourite foods of late and even with the colder weather in UK, I'm still enjoying them as a salad for lunch.

I love edamame on their own, simply boiled or steamed and served with sea salt, but I hate paying so much money for a portion when I'm eating out. A 500g pack of Yutaka edamame is only £2.49 at Morrisons, and triple the portion you get in restaurants.

Of course, you could recreate steamed edamame with sea salt quite easily at home, but I have been adding them to my salads instead after getting some inspiration from Marks & Spencers, Itsu and Wasabi. To prep them for a salad, boil them in their pods and when cooked, pop them out and mix or layer on top of your salad.

The salad recipe I'm sharing today includes quinoa; a delicious poppy little grain that isn't as heavy as rice and has more substance than cous cous. I've also included some wakame and then served it with a wasabi drizzle that livens up the salad instantly.

A super salad which is easy on the wallet, great for your waistline and fast to make too. If you add tinned tuna or tinnes salmon, you get a good protein hit too.

Half a pack of Yutaka edamame
1 tbsp dried wakame
1 cup of cooked quinoa

For the sauce:
3 tbsp soya sauce
1 tbsp kewpie mayo (regular mayo is fine too)
1/2 tbsp wasabi
1/2 tbsp golden syrup or honey
1 tbsp lemon juice

1. Cook quinoa according to instructions on packet to make approximately 1 cup of cooked quinao
2. Boil some water and add 1/2 pack of edamame (more if you prefer), cook according to packet instructions. Once cooked, rinse under cold water and pop the edamame out of their pods
3. Add wakame to a bowl and fill half the bowl with boiling water. Leave for 5 minutes and once rehydrated, rinse well under cold water and squeeze out excess water
4. Combine the ingredients for the sauce and mix well. You can add everything to an empty jam jar and shake vigourously (with the lid on of course!)
5. Start your lunch box or plate with quinoa, add the wakame and then a layer of edamame
6. Drizzle over the sauce when ready to be eaten, or keep the salad sauce in a seperate container if it's going in a lunchbox

Do you like to make super salads from edamame and quinoa?

*The edamame was sent to me by Yutaka, recipe and opinions are my own


  1. this looks so good, definitely going to try edamame on mine!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Thanks Danielle, I love edamame on salads and rice! x

  2. This looks and sounds amazing - I love wakame and edemame but have never tried quinoa (can you believe it?!) so will definitely have to try making this!

    1. Thanks so much Laura, quinoa goes really well wakame and edamame. I hope you like the wasabi drizzle too, it's super zingy! x


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