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These days, I find myself lusting after beautiful home ware and home decor items, and always have my eye out on unique pieces that inject the right amount of personality to my home.

Since we bought our first house last year, I've spent a good amount of time decorating it to a specific theme which I like to call modern rustic with a hint of industrial charm.

We have a hint of copper items throughout the living area, and I am in love with my newest addition; this fabulously rustic yet chic copper hurricane lamp. It looks great with a white or cream candle inside and can be carried into the garden for summer evenings or left as a decorative item inside the home.

As I played with how best to style it, I popped my little succulent plant in and loved the both together too, so I guess I will be using it both ways. I picked this up from Amara*, a fantastic online company selling luxury home, style and living products. I have my eyes on a few more items on Amara, but I'm holding out for a sale after Christmas!

Along with the hurricane lamp, I also picked up a Neom hand wash in Wild Mint and Mandarin.
I'm not always one to splash out on expensive hand wash but it makes all the difference in creating that spa feeling at home, so now and then, it's worth treating yourself to. The same goes for scented candles which can also contribute to that home spa environment, and Neom is one of my favourite brands, introduced to me as gifts by friends since in recent months.

If you are on the lookout for Christmas gifts, Amara has lots of affordable yet super stylish home and beauty items, and you can pick up a great deal on their Outlet section

*Both the hurricane lamp and handwash were gifted by Amara 


  1. Love these photos Lucy, the items look so stylish!

    Hanh / hanhabelle

    1. Thanks Hanh, I love the Amara items too, they really suit my home!


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