Day Trip to Sai Kung | Buffet Style BBQ

When meeting a large group of friends in Hong Kong, the budget-friendly options I have in mind are either BBQ, Hotpot or Karaoke as they are usually better at accommodating larger groups.
This time, we decided on BBQ. BBQ'ing in HK is very popular and also a very different concept to western BBQ's. In the UK, we are used to hosting BBQ's in our own gardens in the summer and go shopping for all the food, ready prepped or to be prepped later ourselves, and someone is usually the barbie chef. 

In HK, there are buffet style BBQ venues everywhere that accommodate hundreds of people with food ready prepped and BBQ gear at the ready, all you do is turn up and pay. And there is no designated BBQ chef, as everyone is their own chef! Grab a BBQ fork, skewer your food and huddle around the barbie to cook. It's slower, but way more socialable and fun.

There are also independent BBQ places, where you can bring your own gear and food, and are usually free to use. Just turn up early and bag your pit. HK is a small place and the majority of HK'ers do not have the luxury of a private garden to have a BBQ, hence the popularity of these public BBQ pits. 

For a hassle free gathering, I picked the buffet style BBQ venue at Sha Ha Village. It was in Sai Kung, my beloved hometown (I stayed in Olympic on this trip and not SK), it was right on the beach and there was no time limit at all! This allowed for 6 hours of catching up with friends and plenty of eating! A bargain for HK$198 per person. 

This particular venue had a good array of cooked food, great for when you're starving and impatiently waiting for your food to cook. All the standard BBQ items were available, chicken wings, ribs, veg, sweet potato etc. Unfortuately, it looks like I didn't really take enough food photos, I must have been too busy cooking, eating and chatting away, ha! Look out for my next post of a typical BBQ my husband's family hosted, I have lots of food photos on there.

Having a BBQ may not be your typical tourist thing to do in HK if you are a new visitor to HK, but I thoroughly recommend it if time permits and a BBQ venue on a beach is even better. 

Here's a quick tour of Sai Kung, a small town famous for its seafood, with many locals and expat living side by side. 

 Cooked food, and all the BBQ items ready for cooking.
Beach BBQ King
Shop 9, Sha Ha Village
Tai Mong Tsai Road
Sai Kung


  1. I just can't get enough of travel photos, they just make me dream away :) Loved the little tour, looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Kie, same here! Makes me want to travel full time. More photos of HK to come =)


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