A Hong Kong Style BBQ at Home

Following on from my previous post on Hong Kong style BBQ'ing where I hadn't taken enough photos, here are more BBQ photos to share. This BBQ was hosted by my husband's family in their front yard in Hong Kong, and we had a TON of food! 

The food for a HK style BBQ differs from typical food for an English one. There are no burgers/kebabs/lamp chops, but there are plenty of chicken wings, capelin fish, sweet potato and meat/fishballs!

First round of BBQing. Start off with easy to cook items like frankfurters because you'll be hungry!

This spread was only the beginning...

Fermented bean, soya and garlic aubergine. My proud sauce mash-ups that usually work out well.

Fishballs, tofu fish balls, squid balls, pork balls, beef balls! Every chinese BBQ needs to have balls of some sort!

Prawn rolls. Much like a fishball in texture.

We must have had 6 sort of wings! Then pork chops, beef cubes, honey ribs....

Black pepper beef steaks.

Sausages. There were frankfurters too.

Capelin fish. These little fish have a belly full of roe.

Honey ribs.

Those jumbo prawns were so fresh! 

Scallops with garlic butter and salt. Sadly, I had no room left to eat these.

On the side. Blanched seasnails and we also had some raw oysters too.

Jumbo prawns in garlic butter and salt. These were awesome!!

Usually hard to eat and BBQ at the same time, but if you're a pro, that's how you do it! 4 skewers and eating at the same time =D

To finish off, toasted marshmallows. These had desiccated coconut on them and they were so much tastier than the usual ones, and also less sweet. I must have eaten 12 of these by myself...

There were more foods than I had taken photos of, so you can imagine just how much there was! 

Who's up for a HK style BBQ next time? =)

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