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Fancy some Japanese food that's not going to cost an arm and a leg or average-tasting either? Eat Tokyo is your answer! 

Eat Tokyo is a recent-ish discovery for me, perhaps in the last year or 2, and I have been going non-stop since. I believe it's been around for years and the queues have always been the same - crazy amount.

Authentic Japanese food, at ridiculously cheap prices when compared to the average Japanese restaurant in London, and an extensive menu was always going to be a recipe for success. The crowd of Japanese customers is a good sign of authenticity too. 

It's a casual eating type of place and non of that posh restaurant snobbery. If you know you are going to have dinner here, it is worth booking a table beforehand and be at the envy of the crowd at the door. The Holborn branch is the one I always head to as friends have all mentioned it's better than the other Eat Tokyo branches although I can't vouch for this. 

Talking of value for money, this ginormous sashimi boat cost us £35! Yeh, where else will you get this in London?! 

The boat!

The following food pics are a compilation of a few trips, we didn't eat all this lot on one go... or maybe we did. 

Sashimi selection

I think this was the king roll...

Dragon roll

Deep fried spicy squid 

Chicken karaage (ka-rah-gee)

Deep fried oysters! Holy crumbs

Lightly seared marinaded mackerel

Agedashi Tofu 

Pumpkin croquette. My favourite!

I think this was the seared salmon roll...

A selection of rolls 

Chicken katsu don. Lovely eggy dashi sauce simmered with onion and poured on top of breadcrumbed chicken, served with rice 

Eel don. A lot of time, teriyaki is sickenly sweet, but it's just about right here.

Pork katsu bento. Also came with a miso soup and I believe it was around £10!

Grilled mackerel bentos. My go to if I can't decide. This bento at around £10 is much better value than getting the grilled mackerel as a side dish which was around £6.

Sashimi don. (Don means rice bowl)

Rainbow roll with 7 types of fish! Love it


Chicken teriyaki with tempura prawn and veg bento. I think this was a little more exp at around £15. Worth every penny as everything on it's own would have cost more. 

The bentos are varied in different combinations and the best choice if you want a taste of everything and can't quite decide on what to have. An average meal with crazy amount of food usually sets us back around £15-£20 per person, a little more if you get the sashimi boat or large sushi platters. Unbelievable prices in London for good quality food.

Now what are you waiting for? Eat Tokyo is calling your name. 

50 Red Lion St


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