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Since I love eating so much, and talk non stop about food, I often have many people ask me for recommendations on where to eat and which restaurant is best for what.

I eat out around Soho & Chinatown quite often and here is a list all the places I love to eat at, in no particular order.

Koya (Soho)
Brilliant Japanese udon bar, just like the udon joints in Japan. One of it's kind in London that won't break the bank.

Cay Tre (Soho)
Tasty Vietnamese restaurant - I have never had a bad meal here. The dishes are so well seasoned & tasty.

Hawksmoor (Covent Garden)
The most flavourful, smoky & beefy steak I've ever eaten. Expensive, but worth every penny.

Tonkotsu (Soho)
Japanese ramen joints just like the ones in Japan have been popping up all over London, and I have tried most of them. This one is my favourite, the ramen has a good bounce, not too eggy and all the fix'ins for the ramen are spot on.

Leong's Legend (Chinatown)
Great go-to eatery for Taiwanese food. They do great xiaolong bao's & no one beats their fried beans with mince (well, Four Seasons come a close second..)

Bibimbap (Soho)
Delicious Korean stone pots rice with amazing varieties of toppings that can only be found here! And the price is just amazing. You could eat so well here for £15 per person.

Wahaca (branches all over)
The clean-ish & fresh-ish tasting Mexican food. This place is a chain, but do not be put off - they tick many boxes on the flav-o-meter!

Meat Liquor (Oxford Street)
My favourite burger joint. In recent years, the amazing burger bars popping up all over have been phenomenal, and I have tried many. ML rocks because of the beefy flavours, juicy patty and has that barbecued smokiness going on. And their buffalo wings are just lip smacking good. Oh, and the chilli fries... The list goes on.  

Busaba Eat Thai (Soho)
Great Thai chain in London, flavours are spot on & some well executed modern dishes. Prices are on the expensive side for small portions, but worth it. Authentic Thai restaurants in London seem to be lacking..

Bincho (Soho)
Yakitori bar in London, just like a Yakitori bar in Japan. One of a kind in London, and everything is grilled to perfection with great menu choices.

Royal Dragon (Chinatown)
My go-to restaurant for Dim Sum. They have some unusual dim sum dishes and all the standard ones are good quality. I find most dim sum restaurants in China Town do a few good dishes and the rest are mediocre or plain bad. Royal Dragon is pretty good across all selections of their dim sum.

Four Seasons (Chinatown)
Best place in Chinatown for roast duck & roast pork. Their other dishes are also very tasty, such as the green beans with mince. Great for a Chinese dinner if you don't mind the queue.

Eat Tokyo (Holborn)
Cheap Japanese restaurant that does not compromise on quality! They have a very wide range of dishes - very authentic and the sushi bar quality is superb.

Rasa Sayang (Chinatown)
Singporean restaurant with some Malaysian dishes thrown in. Roti canai, Hainanese chicken, Beef rendang are all very good.

Hummus Bro (Soho)
I used to hate Hummus. This place converted me.

Flat Iron (Carnaby Street)
£10 for a tasty fresh steak with salad? Not many of these places in London.

Spuntino (Soho)
Burger sliders & truffle egg toast. People watching in this hip eatery is also pretty good.

Old Tree Daiwan Bee (Soho/Chinatown)
Taiwanese bakery shop that also serves dinner. Braised pork mince rice & breaded pork/chicken cutlet is just outstanding. I have never been to Taiwan (on my visit list) but I am sure the food here is authentic.

Kirazu (Soho)
Come here for a real taste of Japan. Ramen here is great, but it's the Takoyaki that will have me coming back again and again. They are as good as the ones I had in Osaka - birth town of Takoyaki.

Pizza Pilgrims (Soho)
Brilliant pizza - fluffy & chewy dough with great toppings.

Suda Thai (Covent Garden)
I once had an amazing longan juice here, so sad they no longer do it. It is actually a Thai restaurant.. not a juice bar. Good Thai food, som tum being their star feature & some great modern dishes. Not completely authentic, but you will enjoy any meal here.

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