Fish! Borough Market | London Bridge

Fish!'s mackeral bap has been on my eat list for a while, but the previous 3 times I attemped to order it, they never had any. Today, I finally got lucky. 

Fried mackeral fillet in batter, inside a soft fluffy white bun with tartare sauce & a serve of chips.

The mackeral was tasty over the usual choice of cod/haddock, but unfortuately the flavours didn't wow. Perhaps the deep frying killed off the flavour? The bap also kinda engulfed the fish and I could taste more bread than fish. Tartare sauce was standard - nothing will compare once you've tasted M&S's version...!

Still, it was fun to finally try it and on the plus side, the chips were top notch. Thick cut with a crispy exterior and fluffy inside, just like how good chip-shop chips should be.

£4.95 for the mackeral bap and £1.95 for chips.

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