Easter Chicken Wing Party!

Last night on Easter Sunday, I hosted a crazy chicken wing party!

One of my best friends had been watching a cooking programme and that episode involved making chicken wings in ten different styles. I quickly piped up I had 10 ways of making wings too and the chicken wing party was born.

Chicken wings 10 ways, 10 wings in each style = 100 wings! It was one of the best parties I have ever hosted, and I can't wait to do another one (once I recover from this one!)

 [Anchovy BBQ]

 [Thai style]

[Shrimp paste]

 [Bonito, butter & seaweed]


 [Thai sweet chilli & soya]

 [Pepper & spicy salt]


[Hong Kong style honey & soya]

   [Japanese, Nagoya style - Tebasaki]

[All 10 flavours on 1 plate]

Everyone had a favourite flavour, but the votes are in for the top 5: 

1. Tebasaki
2. Pepper & spicy salt
3. Shrimp paste
4. HK style honey & soya
5. Buffalo 

I'll post the recipes for these wings soon.

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