Tebasaki Chicken Wings

So starting with everyone's favourite style of chicken wings from the Easter Chicken Wing Party, let me introduce you to tebasaki. 

Tebasaki is a Japanese style of deep fried wings, originating from the Nagomi region of Japan. I read somewhere that once eaten, the taste is never forgotten. That is absolutely true in my experience. I first tasted these wings at Koya - an udon bar in Soho London, and I was completely blown away! It was the most delicious wings I had ever tasted (dare I say in my whole life?!) and after quickly demolishing the lot in 5 minutes, we ordered another portion. They were on the specials board which meant there was a good chance I'd never get to order them again! And I am so glad we ordered that second portion, because those lovely wings never did come back up again in subsequent visits to Koya. 

But life is great and always works out well. Not too long after that magic tebasaki moment, a great food website that I follow came up with the recipe! I knew they were the same wings from the photos, and after trying out the recipe, it did not disappoint. You can find the recipe on Rasa Malaysia.  

Tebasaki was the number one favourite wing voted by everyone at the party and I urge you to make these ASAP. You will experience falling in love all over again! Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration but you will love them. 

I omitted the sake as I didn't have any, and the result was just as good. Here are the ingredients I used:

[I fogot to add the sugar to this photo, oops... 
From L to R: Bonito soya sauce, Tamari soya sauce, mirin, garlic power]

 [Magic mix for tebasaki]

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