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Tucked into one of the quieter streets just off the West end and right opposite Japan Centre, is a little hidden gem that cooks splendid Japanese food. There's the comforting kind (oyakodon) as well as something exquisite and quite special (wagyu katsu). Hello Matchiya

I wanted to order everything off the menu, and having been once before quite a while ago, I knew that the tonkatsu is a must. 

The matcha latte is rich and earthy, using a high grade matcha powder which makes all the difference. 

Miso soup and house pickles to share. A great way to start and only £2.50.

Abura soba. Thick egg noodles in sesame sauce, kombu, bonito flakes, pork belly, ginger, bamboo shoots and onsen egg. The sweet and saltiness of the broth with a generous squeeze of lime really brought the dish together. Love it.

Crispy exterior with melt-in-mouth, succulent and juicy pork. A really well made tonkatsu with a high quality chop that you can just taste.

Thinly sliced beef and onions simmered in soya sauce and sake, topped with onsen egg and pickled ginger over rice made for a comforting bowl of gyudon. Delicious.

We still had room for dessert and as soon as our server mentioned houjicha roll cake, that was it. I am a houjicha fanatic and this was a sensationally made houjicha cake. Houjicha sponge filled with houjicha and chestnut cream, a houjicha jelly cube and houjicha cream on top. The flavours of houjicha was strong, welcoming and pure delight.

Well cooked Japanese food using high quality ingredients for not a lot of bucks, Matchiya is now definitely one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in London. 

5 Panton Street

Have you eaten at Matchiya yet?

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