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Arôme is a bakery by day and a Singaporean restaurant by night, opened by the same person who started up Rasa Sayang in Chinatown. Although Arôme's pop up residency on Frith street has now closed it's doors (7th Feb), it may be returning again on a new site so do give them a follow on Instagram, because their artisan pastries are just the most beautifully crafted ones outside of Paris.

The pastries are made by Alix Andre who has French training with Alain Ducasse and Ladurée. Classically made pastries with an Asian twist that is influenced by marrying into a Singaporean family. 

Arriving in at 11am, a lot of the pastries had already sold out but luckily enough, my most desired ones were still available and between 2 adults and a 3yro, we settled on 4 to share.

There was no beating that beautiful flaky yet crunchy pastry made into an apple, ginger, caramel, almond danish, and the miso, bacon, spring onion escargot. These two were my favourites and I could eat them daily and not get bored. The pastry transported me right back to Du Pain in Paris. So much happiness!

Arôme milk bread toast/honey bread is highly addictive with a crunchy caramalised honey coating encasing soft and fluffy milk bread. 

Loved the intense coconut sugar flavour of this Gula Melaka coconut bun, although the bun was not soft and fluffy enough for my liking.

Hopefully these guys will find a new venue soon, they are far too good to not open up again. 

Did you manage to catch Arôme in Soho for their amazing artisan pastries?

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