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On a previous trip to Paris, we wanted to go to Du Pain after reading about their green tea croissants and pistachio & chocolate swirls.

One of the oldest patisseries in Paris, how could we not? But we didn't read up on opening times and arrived only to find out it didn't open at the weekends. And we were in Paris for the weekend. Bummer. With a heavy heart, we left but I vowed I'd come back in the future and this time in Paris I did just that.

They didn't have any green tea croissants by the time I got there, but luckily they still had the pistachio & chocolate swirls.

[The glorious pistachio & chocolate swirl] One bite and that was it, gone in 10 seconds! Miss JW isn't a big fan of sweet things and she couldn't stop taking bites of it either. The swirl had individual crispy, butter & sugar caramelised layers that gave way to a pistachio paste and warm melted chocolate pieces. Wow and insanely good.

Miss JW bought an original with raisins and custard bits which was also good, but my favourite had to be the pistachio and chocolate! 

The chocolate croissant was good too but compared to the swirl, it was rather plain. Next time, I want the green tea croissant and I'll go in the morning rather than late afternoon. The shop is decked out in true Parisian chicness and makes you feel like you're in a French film. If you're in Paris, this old time patisserie is must visit.

We also bought some savouries to try but they were missable..

Du Pain et des Idées
34 rue Yves Toudic
75010 Paris
01 42 40 44 52

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