Tuscany, Italy | A Reunion

When our dear friend Emma got married back in June in Italy, it wasn't just a celebration of her wonderful new chapter in life, but also a chance for all our closest friends to spend real quality time together.

Since we've all grown up and started our own families, we rarely get the chance to just hang out let alone go on holiday together, and it also doesn't help that a few of them now live on the other side of the world in Asia. This will always be a holiday that I'll look back on with fondness.
As we arrived into Pisa airport, we picked up our rented car and drove 2 hours into the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany. I was so glad my friend Jeremy offered to do all the driving, since the thought of driving on the wrong side of the road in Europe scared the cr*p out of me. Isaac was great and having slept through the whole flight from London, roughly 2hrs, he managed to still sleep some more whilst in the car. 

Our B+B was just around the corner from the wedding venue which was perfect since most of us had kids. This was well organised and thoughtful of the bride who arranged everything for us! We spent our days hanging out in the B+B over long breakfasts, watching the kids play and run around freely on the grounds.

Missing 3 kids in this photo! 

The wedding venue was just lush. We were so lucky to not only spend the actual wedding day here, but also on the evening before as the generous couple put on a pizza and pool party for all their guests! It was a shame that the pool was too cold to use, but we had so much fun running around after the kids on the huge ground nonetheless.

Siena is the nearest town to where we were staying, so we had a wander on one of the days and racked up some calories over lunch and copious amounts of gelato in the hot Italian sun. Any excuse for ice cream! Isaac had the best time with the kids, I just love this photo! *heart emoji*

On one of the other days, we made our way to the nearest shopping mall for a supermarket sweep for goodies and food to make lunches with. Supermarket trips are a must on any holiday to discover local treats, and edible souvenirs are definitely the best kind. 

We made it to Pisa on the very last day of the holiday enroute back to the airport, albeit it being very wet and the other 2 not being interested in the slightest. Snap and go it was! 

One last bite at the airport before boarding, they were all delicious! Italy is one of my favourite countries in Europe, I'll be back again.

Which is your favourite Italian city? I'd love to hear! 


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time Lucy and so many great mememories!! I love Italy, would love to go back and explore more....especially the food!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    1. Ah thaks so much Hanh, yes it was so so good to spend time with good friends, and to watch all the kids play together. The yummy ice creams made it even better of course! x


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